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 Post subject: Re: How to explain Belegarth
PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:25 pm 
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I use this line most of the time.
Me sitting on computer at werk
Them "Whats that your looking at?"
Me "We hit each other with foam coverd sticks, Its fun."
Them "Your dressed funny"
Me "Yes that helps us to have fun?
them "Are you reinactors? "
Me " No there is no set period nor peramerters we can dress as much or as little as we like"
Them "Is this the sca?"
Me "No we pad the weapons not the fighter & we dont have any rules on what color you shield has to be."
Them "is it Larp?"
Me "No were strait (Mostley)
Them "Humm?"
Me "Listen I wanted to do somthing with my sons, Paint ball got way out of hand with the $$$ So I tried to find other groups But they were snobish. I finaly got in touch with these guys and asked what I had to do they said Just show up. I said thats all , Yep and you get to try and hit someone.
Them "Wow thats cool"
Me "Yep"
Them "But if you wanna keep working here you need to get of the computer and get back to work. NOW! "
Me " Yeah I can do that. Just one minuit This is realy cool ."
Cause I work for the GOV and Im a Nam Era VET, with PTSD. So I cant realy loose this job I stay for another 10 min. then go on break.
I have had more luck recruiting though through fighter practice just haveing people walk by.
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 Post subject: Re: How to explain Belegarth
PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:21 pm 

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I would definitely say it is full contact, that gets more of the people who will stay after they realize sometimes hits hurt.

Also, if they say they wouldn't have fun with it, or aren't the violent type, or something similar, ask them if they ever hit their friends with the fake swords in toys r us and places like that. I asked about 10 people that and no one denied it. Then I could get them to come out and hit their friends with our swords.

Don't emphasize the 20-1 ratio to anyone. Most girls don't actually want to be surrounded by that many guys, and guys don't want to actually hear that ratio.

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