Do you want 100's of fighters??
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Author:  Sir Killian [ Sun Jan 11, 2009 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Do you want 100's of fighters??

10 commandments of recruitment

these are modifications of the 10 commandments we used at GW to recruit hobbyists... this will help any person trying to reach people that have a goal of retention

first i'll post the original commandments

1. Acknowledge all people who enter the store
2. Be aware of customers and their behavior
3. show enthusiasm and be cheerful
4. be attentive and listen carefully to customer needs
5. promote the hobby
6. establish a rapport with the customer
7. display in depth knowledge of company products
8. maintain high standards of personal appearance and hygiene
9. ask questions which obtain information concerning customer needs
10. Show courtesy

non official
11.0. no one leaves empty handed/
11.5. have fun
12. entertain entertain entertain

so those are the originals... i will go in to a series of small paragraphs to start to explain how these can affect your recruitment...

1. Acknowledge all people who grace your battlefield- this is easy... anyone that shows up to your field/demo greet personally...ask their name and use it frequently... this shows that you and your group are welcoming

2. be aware of your other members- make sure any trouble makers arent being douche bags to your new people...they are just as good at making a bad impression as you are... enthusiasm and be cheerful - our sport/game is awesome and not some dorkathon or geek game... be excited about that fact and be in a genuine good mood or people will think its all a show...

4. be attentive and listen carefully to a new fighters needs- let a new fighter talk to you... and once they are done give them advice...
listen to them and they will tell you what they want or need and its our duty to help them get it...

5. promote the sport/game
DURRRR!!!! pretty easy... talk about it with anyone and everyone... if you love the sport share it with others....

6. Establish a rapport with new fighters - this is key to retention, make them cool... help new people become part of our culture and they will make it their own...

7. display in depth knowledge of sport and hobby- as a good veteran or realm leader you should have a solid grasp of rules,weapons building, garb making etc etc etc....

8. be presentable... a t shirt and broom stick skirt is not good garb...get some dont be a chump... and shower... nobody likes a stinky *, especially when that * is trying to get other people into the most awesome hobby ever...

9. dig deeper into their past- be a good detective, if there is a problem ask questions to find out how you can best help ... this aids in improving a persons overall experience...

10. show courtesy - dont be a douche bag... simple enough... treat recruits like gold and make them want to be part of your group

11.0. no one leaves empty handed- a flyer/invitation to a battle etc etc etc something to remember the experience and get them back for another go

11.5 have fun - easy have fun

12 entertain entertain entertain - keeps em coming back for more

if you want a deeper explanation of any just post the commandment number and your question and i will answer as best as humanly possible...

enjoy and good luck...
ps i know this works... i got hundreds of people into miniatures war gaming and that is an expensive hobby...

Author:  Dacian [ Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you want 100's of fighters??

excellent list.

recruiting is difficult enough, nonetheless the retention of any new people. Good post.

Author:  J.D. Gomez [ Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you want 100's of fighters??

speakin' of recruitment, I got some really good advice on how to make a successful chapter a couple years back. Ya check and read the "Advice for new blood" thread, it's great stuff for anybody starting their own thing.

Author:  Orkin [ Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Do you want 100's of fighters??

Get a fan booth at your local scifi convention.

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