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 Post subject: Tal Dagore Coronation (Missouri)
PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:14 am 
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Location: Cedar Rapids
Started Fighting: 15 Apr 1993
Realm: Nan Belegorn
Unit: Sol Invictus
Favorite Fighting Styles: 28" shield and Short Sword

O'Crat Staff

When: April 29th, 30th May 1st.
Where: SI Coburn Group Camp, Mark Twain State Park.

Autocrat / Warocrat - Squire Thorpe Nemoralis
Gateocrat - Squire Roslyn
SecurityOcrat - Squire Wilhelm
Feastocrat - Squire Roslyn

Gate Cost: I was informed by the King that Gate will be 20$

Ditching Rules: I didn't state open ditching anywhere but I'll reserve a ditch field and it'll be open the entirety
of the weekend for those who wish to ditch.

Gate Opens * 1pm
Ditch Field Opens 1pm
Class Tourneys
A ) Archery Tournament 2pm
B ) Scout Tournament 3pm
Maze Battle - Maze Bases 4pm
Lorell's Vigil 10pm

Capture the Flag 11am
Node Battle 12:30pm
Campsite Review
4 Way Army 2:00pm
Maze Battle - Maze and Monsters 4pm
Zombie Survivor - At Dusk

All thing - 5pm

Feast - 7pm
* Pinata A&S (Ivey Mcloud)
* Court Garb A&S
* Feast Table A&S

Night Ditching - When the sun goes down,
(I'll be bringing lights with me to hopefully light the field)

Clean up and get out
*You don't have to stop playing Amtgard, just cant stay on site.


Archery Tournament

Single Elim.

1st round- Accuracy
10 arrows each for the round.

3 Targets - Close (20ft), Medium (40ft), Far (100ft)
Close 1pt, Medium 2pts, Far 3pts

2nd Round- Speed

- 5 arrows max, 30 seconds.
3 Targets - Close (20ft), Medium (40ft), Far (100ft)
Close 1pt, Medium 2pts, Far 3pts

Tie Breaker
Archers will stand 50ft apart and shoot one another, they are given 3 arrows.

Top Score Wins

Scout Tournament

Single Elimination.

3 squares inside one another each one getting smaller and smaller as you progress.
All weapons, Throwies and Arrows will be pre-placed by a reeve in the squares. The scout simply has to advance use
their equipment and advance.

1st Square - 50ft from end to end - Archery 3 arrows, each successful arrow is worth 1pt
all arrows must be shot before advancing to the next square.

2nd Square - 20ft from end to end - Thrown Weapon, 3 throwies, each successful strike is worth 1pt
all throwies must be used before advancing to the next square.

3rd Square - 10ft from end to end - Melee, the scout will fight with whatever style they prefer as allowed by the scout class

Maze Battle - Maze Bases - Ditch Battle Rules
The Maze will be set up and each team will have to battle their way to the other side of the maze
and capture the rival teams base.

Capture the Flag - Militia Rules
Each Team will have 3 flags located at their base to defend while attempting to capture the rival
teams flags.
Note: Only 1 flag may be captured at a time. a Team may only have 1 rival flag in motion/play at a time, this means once one flag is grabbed another cannot be touched or moved until the first flag that was grabbed has been lost via runner death or planted.

Node Battle - Class Battle
This is a traditional node battle. Teams will vie for control of nodes placed on the field of play. Time will be called every 15 minutes and the team with control of the most nodes will score a point. At the end of the 45 minute game the team with the highest point total will be victorious.

4 Way Army - Modified Class Battle
players will be divided into 4 teams, each team will have a Nirvana Reeve, Each team only has 100 lives, once a team/player is shattered they are removed from play.

Maze Battle -Maze and Monsters - Militia
Like the previous Maze Battle, players will be divided into two team. In this battle game players must battle to the center of the maze and face its guardian and retrieve the treasure chest in the middle.

Zombie Survivor - Modified Militia
A group of Survivors will battle a group of zombies for survival.

Squire Thorpe Nemoralis

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