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 Post subject: Odyssey III - Dagorhir Ruleset (Jan 9-12, 2014) Florida
PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:55 pm 
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Odyssey is Atlantis’ annual "flagship event." It has been moved to the January timeslot to take advantage of Florida’s cooler weather at Doe Lake, and to serve as a fighting haven for snowed-in Northern fighters. Come thaw out and see Florida foam-fighting at the best time of year to do so!

Odyssey III is now January 9, 2014 at 4:30pm until January 12, 2014 at 10:00am.

25$ at gate.
20$ pre-register.


In-Person Pre-Registration: Available at events.
Scenario Information: Available Monday, October 7.
Assassin’s Tournament Rules: Available Monday, October 14.
Agora Menu and Pricing: Available Monday, October 14.
Vendor Information: Updated as vendors confirm attendance.
Pictures of prizes and props: Updated as they’re built.


Odyssey will be held at: Doe Lake Campground, Umatilla, FL 32784

Please be aware of your map or GPS; there are a few addresses floating around online that will take you to two other places. You can use the above location on Google maps, the Google map app also recognizes “Doe Lake Group Site.” If you have the right location, you will see that the location is alongside a small road—running southeast of 127—it is on the northern side of “Doe Lake.”

Arc has provided the following image to help you locate the park: ... t/mapz.jpg

If your sources show something else, you are not going to the right place.

Please be aware, cell phone reception near Doe Lake is extremely limited. DO NOT rely on cell phone GPS within nearly 20 minutes of the campsite, or rely on people who are already on-site. Very few people will have reception.

Doe Lake Park Website: ... 1&actid=33


Odyssey ADMISSION is $25 at the gate. This includes both fighters and non-combatants. Saturday night feast is included in the price. There will be no negotiating of price if you do not want feast. The $25 fee is solid.

PRE-REGISTRATION will be made available for this event; it allows us to purchase the props necessary to decorate the hall, add depth to scenarios, and provide the amazing prizes and awards we have in mind for our guests this year. Those who pre-register will get the reduced rate of $20.00 and expedited admission to the event. One may pre-register in-person at the following events: FFA September Day Battle, Sakura Moon’s September Campout, FFA Halloween Day Battle, Winter War at Eastwind Castle, FFA Post-Thanksgiving Day Battle, and the FFA December Day Battle.

... PO BOX information will be made available the week of October 1st.

The last day of pre-registration will be December 14, we will accept pre-registration until the end of the FFA Day Battle.

TROLL opens at 3:30pm on Thursday, please come no earlier as event staff will be busy setting up the campsite and unable to staff troll.

Troll closes Thursday and Friday at 11:30pm. The park requires us to close the front gates at that time. However, we are aware that people will be arriving throughout the night. We will leave the gate unlocked, please let yourself in (there’s no need for anyone to have to get a hotel or get stuck outside the gates). Just make sure to close the gate behind you and check in at troll in the morning. We will be doing tag checks throughout the day to ensure everyone paid admission.

There will be designated parking areas. We will allow you to drive to your camp to DROP OFF equipment; however, we require you to DROP OFF the equipment, not set up camp then park later. There will be no cars permitted around camps.

The Dagorhir ruleset will be heavily enforced. Cross-gamers, please familiarize yourselves with our rules, weapon builds, and culture. Garb will be required; great garb is heavily encouraged.

Dagorhir waivers will be present. If you wish to get through troll quickly, bring one that’s already filled out. All attendees must sign a release form regardless of their role in foam-combat. For those of you who are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the release form with either a notary (you can get this done at UPS stores) or in front of witnesses when you check-in. Please plan accordingly. As a friendly reminder, the minimum age for Dagorhir is 16. REMEMBER: YOU NEED AN ID TO CHECK IN!

Dagorhir Battle Games Waiver Link:

(Note: Remember there are TWO sides to this waiver!)

EVENT INFORMATION-------------------------------------

WEAPONS CHECK opens on Friday and Saturday at 8am and closes at 10:30am. Get yourself up and ready to get your weapons checked. When weapons check closes, no more weapons will be accepted. The volunteer staff work hard and will be needed elsewhere. If you cannot make weapons check between those times, it’s on you to find staff to spot-check; the heralds will be busy ensuring a steady flow of battles.

SCENARIOS are still under development; expect an update on Monday, October 7 with the scenarios offered at Odyssey III and their rules. We are aiming to provide the “Trireme Battle” scenario (an Odyssey classic), two open field scenarios, one woods scenario, and a beach landing scenario (think: D-Day meets the Gulley Battle).

Monsters are an Odyssey tradition, they will be returning at Odyssey III. Each monster has inhuman strengths. They will randomly appear throughout the event, hints as to where and when will be given at the Agora (see: the Imperial Agora for information on the board). This year the harpies, a cyclops, and a minotaur will be present.

HARPIES all wield single-blue, their unique strength is the ability to flock; this means harpies have a 15 second respawn timer, every harpy must be dead in order to defeat them. Otherwise “more will fly in.” When they are defeated, they drop a map to their hoard of stolen treasures for the taking.

The CYCLOPS is a brute. All damage dealt by the cyclops is automatically upgraded. Blue becomes red. Green becomes double-green. Red and double-green become black – destroying everything it touches. Their skin is as rough as armor. When the cyclops is defeated, it will drop its legendary club (plasti-dip, high tech build) as well as some other accessories for the taking.

MINOTAURS are typically the warlords of the bestial hordes. One will make its way to Odyssey III. They are also brutes. Like the cyclops…All damage dealt by the beast is automatically upgraded. Blue becomes red. Green becomes double-green. Red and double-green become black – destroying everything it touches. Their skin is as rough as armor. However… unlike the cyclops, if the minotaur wears armor, it is indestructible. When the minotaur is defeated, he will drop his legendary glaive (plasti-dip, high tech build) as well as some other accessories for the taking.

Atlantis’ IMPERIAL AGORA will be making its debut. While our props and accessories are meant to dress up a camp, we will be transforming the hall into a social hub reminiscent of an enclosed market or bazaar. At the agora (market/place of meeting) you can expect to find Floridian and Out-of-State vendors. In addition… There will be a trading post, feel free to bring everything from unwanted items to old garb/equipment that just does not fit your current persona, etc – all items must be Dagorhir-relevant. At the entrance of the Agora, there will be an information board with postings relevant to the event (including the recent sightings of the Odyssey’s returning monsters), it will be open to the community for posting; this is where anyone may announce happenings during the event.

Hungry? The Agora has you covered! Concessions will open at 8am and run until 6pm serving both a breakfast and lunch/dinner menu. The menu will include both mundane eats and the unit-created “Atlantean Cuisine” which is a mixture of old Greek and Roman recipes with the addition of Florida flavors. Menu details and pricing to be released soon. The Imperial Agora will also serve free alcohol to visitors 21 and over at the Agora’s lounge. Hookah? We’ll be dedicating a section of the lounge to hookah. Please note: There is NO fighting permitted in the hall, period. The kitchen is NOT a shortcut and will be off limits to through traffic – please exit the agora and go around if you wish to use the restroom.

As part of the agora, the ATLANTEAN RING will be hosting a fighting pit every night, Thursday and Friday nights will hold fights with randomized weapon sets – losing may not be the end… showmen and women can win the favor of the crowd and live to fight again! Saturday night’s Atlantean Ring will host an open weapon tournament.

The ASSASSIN’S TOURNAMENT will return with a revised format. TBA.


Feast, provided by Wilk’s BBQ, will take place at 7pm on Saturday. It will include:

-BBQ Pulled Pork (buns provided for sandwiches if you want them)
-Mojo or Lemon Pepper Chicken
-Baked Beans
-Mac n’ Cheese
-Tea or Lemonade

Period feastware is encouraged. Paper/plastic alternatives will be provided.

CONFIRMED VENDORS-----------------------------------
(Will update as vendors check-in.)

-Atlantis’ Imperial Emporion: An assortment of goods from various independent Atlantean vendors and craftsmen. Items include weapons, shields, armor, and accessories.

-Gorewood Trade Co.: Light weapons, rogue-themed garb, and leather goods.

-Gorg the Blacksmith: Fine Dag/Bel-legal weapons and shields; progressive density – high quality builds with stabbing tips; oblong and counterweighted handles and a “first weapon check” guarantee.

-Gorg’s Garbgirl: Specializing in custom garb and embroidery including non-combatant feast garb and female dresses/pants. Allows for at-event pickup of custom ordered items. Pre-ordering is mandatory for all customers. She generally has a small snack shop, complete with drinks.


Please properly store food and food waste. There are bears in the area, and while they never want anything to do with our rowdiness and noise... please don’t be inviting to them. We’ve never had an incident, we don’t want any.

Please take all camp trash to the blue dumpsters behind the main hall and by the fighting field. The smaller green (pain to open) receptacles are for overflow trash ONLY.

As mentioned in the Agora information, there is NO fighting permitted in the hall, period. The kitchen is NOT a shortcut and will be off limits to through-traffic. Please exit the Agora (the hall/meeting area) and go around if you wish to use the restroom.

Medical staff will get free entrance to the event in exchange for their on-call service. Please PM TJ Wilkening for more information.

Your event token must be on your person at all times or you will not be permitted to fight and are subject to removal from the event. If you lose your token, we can look you up and issue you a replacement – it would also help to memorize your number.

Red ink will be used to mark the event tokens of underage (<21) attendees.

Security will be present. Illegal activities will not be permitted. You may be at a medieval event, but this medieval event recognizes federal and state law. What you do in the privacy of your own camp, where no one is “hurt,” is your business; however, if your activities endanger our future use of the park you will be asked to leave. If you are removed from the event for any reason, you are forfeit your entry fee. Have fun, but don’t get belligerent.

Smokers! We will have cans present on both porches for butt disposal. Use them. In camp? Please ensure they are put out and throw them away with the rest of your trash!

The event ends Sunday morning. If getting up is going to be hard for you, we suggest packing all but essentials on Saturday night. Everyone must vacate the park by 10:30am.

Gorewood's Facebook:
FFA Facebook: ... FFAEVENTS/

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