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 Post subject: Just Another Game Idea for Sloth Day
PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 10:55 am 
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Well me and a few others came up with this idea based upon the game Risk for Sloth Day or some day during Geddon. The game would be played in the same manner Risk is played except with a few variations (as in the same rules apply, and these here only fill in the gaps to make it 'live'). You'd start out with anywhere from 2 - 6(?) generals who would be playing off on the sidelines or something. Each general would be given one assistant who's job it would be to keep track of who's dead, who's alive, who's regenned, who's where, etc. The board would be drawn out identical to the board on the field. It would be the general's and their assitant's job to control troop movement across the board creating little teams or large regiments as the game goes on. The way to gain territories would be have troops on spaces either fight it out on the 'board' or remove themselves and then fight on the side.

The only items of concern would be placing troops and gaining reinforcements. My suggestion is this: a few hours before the game starts have people sign up by themselves or as a group with one of the heralds and then randomly general assignments are divied out to each fighter/group so that hopefully each general has an equal number of troops. In the case where there is an inbalance randomly solo fighters and fighters from larger groups, would be sent over to opposing generals. The troops then find their general and each general & assistant (who were chosen before the game started and already have their territories, hopefully) start placing a limited number of fighters here and there. All the fighters left in limbo would be reinforcements.

As the game progresses generals gain cards and reinforcements. At the beginning of each turn a certain number of those in limbo are able to be placed anywhere that belongs to their general. When there are no more reinforcements regens at the beginning of the turn are passed out at random to various soldiers. When the soldier who has regenned dies they walk to the herald and then walk back. During fighting soldiers retain their wounds and if a regen is given to them they have the option of being fully healed or dying and then being resurrected. If one general does well and all of their fighters have regen capability then more and more regens are given out randomly to each fighter.

When one general kills another they gain the opposing general's cards, troops, and the defeated general/assistant now are either told to fight for the winning general or act as a team of advisors. Territories cannot be surrendered as an act of good faith. The fighter(s) on territories must fight even if their general does not want the territory. Also, the general may relay messages to the troops for battle strategies and campaign ideas via the assistant.

As of right now, that's all I have, and its a little disorganized and hazy, but if anyone is interested in drawing up an official set of rules let me know.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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