Chaos Wars 18 Daily Themes
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Author:  Shino [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:29 am ]
Post subject:  Chaos Wars 18 Daily Themes

Daily Themes

Monday: Fantasy Battle Celebration
Battle themes:
Fighters take on the roles of their favorite warriors from new and classic fantasy tales and compete in battles inspired by some of the most epic wars in fiction.

Opening Ceremonies - Host: Sir Shino
Chaos Pub Crawl - Host: Sir Ralimar and Sir Orren

Tuesday: Monster Day
Battle themes:
Monsters take the field and lay waste to humans and their allies in a series of hellish battles pitting good vs. evil. Monsters, and those in monster garb will gain special advantages that can be used to terrorize those milk-drinking, pinkies who stand to stop the advance of the monstrous horde.

Monsterdom Class – Host: the HorDe
Goblin Nite – Hosts: Lilith and Crynn
Monster Feast – Host: Monster Volunteers

Wednesday: Nobility and Rebellion in the Highlands of Chaos
Battle Themes:
The lowly rise and the elite move to crush their rebellions. Fighters will battle in a series of scenarios pitting disadvantaged masses against their well equipped rulers. Dirty, pock-marked, regicide and the sacking of castles awaits those who take to the field to fight for their livelihood.

Slave Auction – Host: Juniper
Gladiator Coliseum – Hosts: Brutus Bishop and God Squad

Thursday: Arts and Sciences
Battle Themes:
Armies take to the field and use their technological instruments of war to siege and slaughter their opponents. Scenarios will involve elements inspired by siege equipment, advance weaponry, and armor innovation.

Medieval Arts and Sciences Competition - Host: Sir Catgen
Artisan Bizarre – Host: Chaos Wars
Bardic Competition - Host: Juicer

Friday: The Four Nations
Battle Themes:
Armies from the four nations, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air take to the battlefield where each side’s special abilities lend them special advantages against their foes.
Jugging Team Parades - Host: Chaos Wars
Belegarth Jugging League Chaos Cup – Host: Chaos Wars

Saturday: Epic Battles of History
Battle Themes:
Fighters will take to field in scenarios that pay homage to some of the grandest and bloodiest battles in human history. Generals will use special abilities to protect and empower their soldiers. From bridges, to fortress walls to beaches, these battles will travel through time across the Middle East and Western Europe. When the dust settles and the last foe has fallen, will history be rewritten?

Award Ceremony – Host: Juicer
Main Feast – Host: Chaos Wars

Author:  Sir Anastasia [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chaos Wars 18 Daily Themes


My Avatar loving realm mates are gonna flip on Friday.

Author:  Shino [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chaos Wars 18 Daily Themes

I can't wait to see there outfits.

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