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 Post subject: Assassin Tourney
PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:56 pm 
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Well, well, well....what have we got here? I hear rumors running about that you'd all like to challenge me to run this little rabble of murderers, thugs and assassins. Really now? You think you can just waltz in here and take things over? No, pigeon, that's not how this works.

I'll admit, your arrogance intrigues I'll play along. I wouldn't mind taking a break from being the Mistress of Assassins for a time so I'll issue you all a challenge.
Go on, pigeon....let's see what you are made of. It'll be hard to prove yourself to me. Muscles alone won't win you the prize. I'm not overly impressed with poisonings either. And wit? Well, wit isn't the answer all by it's lonesome either. You must prove yourself a master of strength cunning and stealth if you want to win out.

Rule #1: Anyone can be a murderer but it takes stealth to be a real assassin. Your kills must be as unseen as possible. If you are caught or reported , you will loose points.
Rule #2: You must be able to kill your marks yourself. No minions of any kind will be allowed.
Rule #3: I want to see you practice each skill set so you will only be allowed a certain number of poison kills for the whole of the competition. That number will be determined once we know how many fools wish to play.
Rule #4: A quantity of kills is easy to come by....but it is the quality that makes a real Master or Mistress of assassins. Mass killings are not allowed and you may only kill your designated mark.
Rule #5: This isn't really a rule but why ruin the flow of things. Each day there will be a bonus kill. This bonus kill with be a mark for everyone. The first person to figure out who it is and successfully kill said mark wins bonus points.

(This is going to be a basic Circle of Death style tourney. So, lets say, I have Dopp as a mark. Dopp has Plithut as a mark. Plithut has Sethra as a mark. Sethra has me as a mark. I kill Dopp and get his next mark, which would be Plithut. Then I kill Plithut and get his next mark. Then I kill Sethra and get myself as the mark and so ends the day of killing. A new set of marks will be given every day. ***Bonus points will also be given to people who turn their kills in to me in character***)

For the Herd!

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 Post subject: Re: Assassin Tourney
PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:42 am 
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What happens if you kill the person that is trying to kill you, but don't have them as your mark? So they bungle their assassination attempt, and you kill them while defending yourself.

Mekoot Gorlock,

Kyrian wrote:
Thanks to the rain gods (that includes you, Gorlock)

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