Period Lanterns, Belts, and tablet weaving
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Author:  Aurvandil [ Sun May 12, 2013 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Period Lanterns, Belts, and tablet weaving

Welcome to Black Sun Trading Company!


Here At BSTC we sell several different items for your camp wants and needs, such as; lanterns, belts, and tablet woven belts.

Our lanterns are made from rawhide and wood construction great for night life in your camp. 40$


Belt are made with leather and brass and come in 3 widths and can be cut to your preferred length:
1/2"- 25$
3/4"- 30$
1" - 35$
Example of 1/2":

Exampl of 1":

Tablet woven items can be made to several patterns, colors, lengths, and widths of your choice, and can be used for clothing trim, belts, or leg wraps.
Pricing: Acrylic TW, 10$ per yard. Wool TW, 12$ per yard. Linen TW, 16$ per yard.
Belts; 20$, 25$, 32$
Trim for a tunic is; 32$, 36$, 43$
Leg Wraps; 40$ 48$, 56$

Example of diamond pattern Tablet Weaving:

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