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 Post subject: Vambraces and Pauldrons for SALE!
PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:43 pm 

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Hi there,

I'm new to your community, having just recently spoken to somebody at a fighting event on my way to work (which I had passed many times before then). I also happen to be looking to sell my armor I crafted for the renaissance faire this year. The armor set is rather small, but matches and, in my opinion, looks rather cool. Here's some pictures...




(Please forgive the less than satisfactory photography, this was done with horrific lighting)

Construction: The whole set is made from ~9oz tooling leather (yeah, not armor weight, but is still durable and plenty protective), some of which was hardened with water and fire. I will stress that the hardening technique used on the pauldron plates and the vambrace plates was literally to soak the leather, dip it into very hot water, and then bake it next to a regular fire. The materials are by no means altogether period accurate, but the creation process was just about. NO pieces are glued, taped, sewn by machine, or just stuck together in some silly manner. EVERYTHING is riveted or saddle stitched with strong, waxed leather thread.

Detail: The artwork on it has minor flaws. It has some errors and inconsistencies, and I will not hide this fact. Tooling was difficult with this project for several reasons, including a home-made stamp. However, the patterns are simple and repetitive, which helps to assimilate the errors into the overall design, and they are not noticed unless inspected for. There is one noticeable error, though, and that's the asymmetry of the pauldons due to a mistaken cut which I had not the material to correct. This error was accounted for when I decided the price. The price would have been double if not for this, as the materials, construction, and finish are solid.

Finish: All of the outside faces are antiqued, finished, and waterproofed with a simple wax waterproofer (can be maintained by re-adding wax). I made sure to add enough waterproofing that any blood, sweat, or spilled soda that splashes on the armor can be removed without staining it. Still, you must apply your own waterproofing to the inside if you plan to be in wet conditions with it.

The Best Part: I wore this armor shirtless, against my bare skin. For this reason, I padded the vambraces with foam material (thought about going period accurate, but this was better), and covered that with soft pigskin suede. The pauldrons are ready to be padded and lined if you so desire, but I hadn't gotten around to it, and I don't plan to if I can sell them without. So just let me know if you want me to finish up the pauldrons by padding them before the sale, I will gladly do that for $20 more. ALL of the strapping (except on the greaves to be mentioned later) is padded and wrapped in pig skin suede for comfort. There is no need to wear this shirtless, but it certainly is ready for it, in case you have a 6-pack to show off or it's just too damned hot for clothes.

Size: This wasn't made to any size. It was made to fit my body type with no clothing underneath. However, I miscalculated shrinkage from hardening, and the result is that it's a tiny bit small for me. I am lean at 173lbs, so not scrawny. I recommend this armor for anyone under 180lbs with little fat on them.

Free Stuff: Yeah, I threw some greaves together last minute for the Faire, so I am giving those away if you buy the pauldrons and vambraces together. They are made of 9oz tooling leather, and constructed/finished same as the other peices.

Feel free to ask about buying these online. I am okay with paypal or even receiving a check in the mail, but for anyone who lives around the Lake in the Hills area and visits the park on Randall Rd. for events, I prefer to meet in person to show off the armor and everybody loves cash. I am new to the community so I am not exactly sure what other places and times I can meet people, so just let me know what is good for you, should you plan to meet in person, and I will try my best to be there at that time.

Prices might be negotiable, but I do need a certain amount from these, so they are as follows:

Vambraces: $100
Pauldrons: $180
Greaves: FREE with whole set

Thanks for your time reading this! I look forward to any offers, and of course feedback as well. Respond on this thread, or email me at


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