Misc Armor Fire Sale (DAG, BEL, LARP)
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Author:  Pubar [ Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Misc Armor Fire Sale (DAG, BEL, LARP)

Somehow I ended up with an opportunity to purchase a large box of armor and LARP gear and thought this group could use some vastly discounted Epic Armory stuff. I'll attach the link to the photobucket where I dropped some pictures and I'll put prices below. Since I'm not sure exactly what to price things at could someone let me know if I'm way off base one way or another. Thanks! Also, prices listed do not include shipping. If you would like more pictures of something I can certainly include that. Some of the items are a little worse for wear (rust spots on helms, rust on some belt rivets, scratches on stands). I forgot to mention 1) There are some pictures of things not for sale unless someone really, really wants it then send me a PM and 2) If anything listed isn't BEL legal please say something so everyone knows (I'm not talking about the metal shield or the viking helmet which isn't for sale, those should be obvious)

3 Frogs and Pouch - $30 for all 4 ($60 MSRP)
Militia leather helm - $30 ($62 MSRP) I have 2 of these
Double back frog - $30 ($66 MSRP)
Steel hand shield - $20
Padded cap - $10
Helm stands - $10 for 2 ($20 each online)
Throwing knife bandoleers - $20 for 2 ($20 each online)
Leather helm with eye mask and ear flaps - $30
Leather Knight/Templar helmet - $40
Over the shoulder strap with frog - $20 for 4
Throwing knife side holsters - $20 for 2 ($45 each online)
Various latex/foam LARP weapons with spray - $50 (over $100 online)
Metal helm with chainmail - $40 ($105 MSRP)
Double wrap belt with frog - $20 I have a 34 waist so maybe 40's for it to fit right

Author:  dahgooblin [ Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Misc Armor Fire Sale (DAG, BEL, LARP)

did you still have this stuff for sale ? if so very interestead

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