Field Beds for sale
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Author:  Blazrath [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:55 am ]
Post subject:  Field Beds for sale

When you go on camping trips for events, do you feel like all of your joints are locking up? Can't get a restful night of sleep? Tired of the unforgiving hard ground being your mattress? Then look no further for help.

I'm selling my skill in carpentry to make field beds. Whats a field bed? Its a bed that is easy to take down and put up for camping trips. I've based the design off of viking beds that similarly were able to tear down easily so that they can continue to move along. I just have it tweaked a little here and there due to modern convenience of power tools and such.

When its all said and done where the bed is propped up, you have a twin sized frame and about 18 inches off the ground with 12 inches underneath you from the ground. The rope is manilla, so its natural and has a more authentic look while the wood is douglas-fir and not stained.

I'm selling each one for 150 each and 30+ for shipping, though I don't know exactly for sure what it will be and ballparking it to be around there. If you live near me or going to Battle for the Ring, I may be able to deliver it in person and we would forgo the 30 dollars. I prefer payment to my paypal and will give it via pm after I know you wish to

Unfortunately, I just started making these so I have no one to give feedback on these beds, but I have been doing carpentry for about 7-8 years now so I have some experience. At a later date I may start an etsy page and create more furniture like larger beds or chairs.

I have pics, but they are of the prototype. They will be be better quality as I learned while creating this what doesn't work as well and what looks better. Thank you for your time.




Author:  Blazrath [ Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Field Beds for sale

I also now have a shop on Etsy if you wish to order through the site for security.

I am also in the works on designing a bed that will be a full size bed and using slats instead of rope. We might be able to make a deal for those too.

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