Native American Garb
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Author:  lizwilldoit [ Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Native American Garb

There was a post on here about Native American Garb that I can't seem to find but I wanted to comment on:

But first, is there a way to change the background from grey to another color? I realize I can change the font color later, but it is really hard to read, and check for typos as I type.

Most peopleare aware that wearing "blackface" is really offensive to African Americans. Caucasians might not experience offense when a non-caucasian wears "white-face" but I think we'd agree that it looks ridiculous. When a non-native person who does not have a direct connection to a tribe wears an indian costume, Indians are offended, in the same way that a an African American or Black person would be if we dressed up like them. Most of the "costumes" that non-indians wear are considered sacred ceremonial garmets not to be used by outsiders for hobby intrests.

I know this blows a hole, in some peoples personas... but how many of you are white and portraying a black person? Any of you? So why would you think it's ok to portray an Indian persona. I doubt that there are any Black members of you group attempting to portray a specifically caucasian persona.

in any case whether you agree or disagree, if Native people feel that the promotion of Indian personas in this group is generally disrepectful of them, it casts a shadow on the group as a whole.

Author:  Alom [ Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Native American Garb

Two posts and you joined yesterday. I don't mean to lean on arguments from authority, but I think you might be catfishing and strawmanning. So perhaps you can add some realm/unit info.

Black-face is offensive because it was used to perpetuate stereotypes. A classic example of The Birth of a Nation is an actor in blackface portraying all black men as slavering beasts. Unless you'd care to argue or expound on that point.

To be honest, I don't know anyone who wears native garb who doesn't at least claim to be descended from a Cherokee princess. The person who I can think most clearly as wearing native garb is Apache/Sioux. Who are you to presuppose their rights to such garb?

Now maybe dressing like an Iroquois extra from the Last Mohican is out of place. But that'd be no worse than a Danish/Scottish guy (myself) dressing like a Roman.

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