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 Post subject: Possible rewording of a section of the BOW
PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 3:15 am 
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" The minimum overall length of a Class 1 is 12 inches plus the length of the handle and pommel."

This might need to be re-worded to be a bit less vague. To me it seems like the original intent was that the minimum entire length of a blue weapon is 12 inches, period. Then the "plus the length of the handle and pommel" was added as an afterthought. The wording may very well cause confusion and is not gramatically correct at any rate.

To whit I offer this permutation of the original component: The minimum length of the striking surface of a Class 1 weapon is 12 inches.

Has there been a definitive resolution as to the minimum overall length of a blue weapon yet? If not, might I suggest a total length of no less than 20 inches, to ensure that a proper hande and sturdy, safe pommel are subsumed within the weapon's construction.

Of course, if I am wrong, and the rule really is a 12" total minimum, feel free to jump down my throat.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:58 am 
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The wording is specific for a reason. You suggestion would totally change the meaning of the rule. The current rule is not at all vague. Measure from the tip down to the handle of a class 1 weapon, if it is less than 12" it fails. In reality this means that the minimum overall length will be about 18" for someone with small hands. The problem is that you are thinking swords and/or confusing handle with haft.

1.1.1. Striking Surface ? Padded surface of a Weapon designed to make contact with an opponent during combat. Only the Striking Surface of a Weapon may score a hit.
1.1.2. Non-striking Surface ? Any padded surface of the Weapon that is not a striking surface.
1.1.3. Handle ? Non-padded portion of the Weapon designed as a handhold.
1.1.4. Pommel ? Non-striking Surface that covers the end of the Handle.

Your suggestion would disallow small axes and hammers. Think of a hatchet with a 2.5" striking surface, 9.5" of non-striking surface (haft), 4" of handle, and 2" of pommel. This is the type of weapon which this rule was worded for. They are not common weapons but are allowed. The original intent of this wording was to allow short, non-sword weapons without the hand being too close to the striking surface.

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