Life of a Wolf
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Author:  Dyre [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Life of a Wolf

Out of Character: Hello all! I hope you read and enjoy this little segment about my character Dyre meeting Sieglatan's character. Well meeting is a loose word in this case, but it's fun nonetheless. This will just be the first segment in a series, almost like chapters of a book. It will all be from my character's life, but just different stories and such. Oh and feel free to comment if you wish, I will just write around you. :)

In Character:

"It was a long time ago that this wolf spotted the human who seems to refer to the name of Sieglatan. It had been a long night, a few chickens killed here, a lamb over there. My stomach was almost full with the carnage of human possessions, and I was sitting behind a bush, contemplating where to explore next. That was when two peasants meandered by, speaking loudly and swinging their barely lit lantern about. They seemed scared, so their voices rose in a protest against the dangers of the night. It was an easy thing to hear their conversation, about some human or another that had begun to appear in a nearby village. A name brushed its way through the leaves to my ear, the name Sieglatan. Though it seemed a petty name at best, it intrigued me to hear such fear in the voices of these men at the barest mention of this other man. How dare they take some name other than mine in fear? My name was the scariest in these parts, and these peasants should realize this. I dispatched them easily, using the dagger I had stolen from a richer man to slit the throat of one, then deciding to kill the other the old way. Unfortunately the latter one had time to scream, and after I choked his voice with my fangs, I had to depart this place, knowing the yell would draw more of the maggots to my location.

The grass flattened easily under my paws as I hastened away from that place of recent execution, heading towards the village the two deceased had mentioned. It took only half the night to reach the village, and dawn was breaking just as I spotted the first blocky building. Giving a soft snarl at having to wait until night to find out about this new human, I decided to make myself a place of rest at the edge of the forest. I slept lightly, knowing the villagers could come upon me easily, if they so chose. As the sun set I woke, not a footprint near me. Perhaps they had been smart and avoided my sleeping place like the plague. Getting to my feet, I made my way down to the village, carefully hiding myself in the deepest shadows so even the light of the moon could not find me. The humans of the village had torches out, and the light was almost too bright for my eyes. At the center of this ring of lights, I saw the village gathered. Knowing they could not see me, I clambered up upon a roof, giving myself the best view. Crouching low to the thatched roof, I peered into the circle, noticing one figure standing in the middle. He had a great black billowing cloak around him, slightly ringed with fur. Wolf fur. This created my own fur to bristle in anger, wondering which of my cousins he had killed to pretty his cloak with. Deciding I must kill him to avenge my cousin, I watched some more, trying to get a hint of his scent or a good look at his face. Though all humans looked alike to me now, sometimes they had telltale features that I could remember. Not getting a good sign of his face, but catching something of his scent on the wind, I remembered it on the spot. Now he could not escape me.

The mans scent was strange, unlike any human I had smelled before, smelling of heat and fire, as well as a hint of something I could not explain. No matter, he would die no matter what he smelled like. As I was about to leap off the roof to land on his shoulders, he began to speak. The villagers around him swayed back in some sort of ritual, and a rich chanting began. Was he a priest or something? I did not like to deal with priests, they always tasted bad. Their followers were always a lot less cautious then regular humans too, they attacked without thinking of their own safety. This made them ten times worse than regular humans, well, more like ten times more annoying.

I decided to sit and watch the proceedings, sometimes these human rituals fascinated me, as long as they did something interesting. This one seemed to be progressing towards an interesting end, since the man in the middle, the one I guessed to be this Sieglatan fellow, was chanting louder than the others, and pulling something from the cart behind him. The cart was oddly shuttered, closed off to any eye, and the man made sure to cover it with his cloak when he opened and closed it. He pulled forth a creature of some kind from the cart, it low pitched cries reaching my ears. The thing didn't seem too panicked, but from the look on the mans face, I could see something bad was to happen to it. I now realized that I could see the mans face fully, and see that while he had no extreme distinguishing features, his eyes blazed from his face in such a way that I knew I would never forget them. A shiver ran up through my coat, not in fear, but in acknowledgment of some other sort of power than mine festering in the body of this man. Nothing about him said he was anything but a man though, so I accepted the fact that he was just a human, a human with a powerful soul.

A piece of the thatch roof burrowed itself into my tail and I reached back to flick it out. In the few seconds that I had done that, and turned back to the villagers and man, I had missed out on a lot. The villagers had crept closer to the man, man, woman, and child all with wide eyes, staring with expectation at the creature the man still held in his hand. The hand not holding the creature now held a cruel blade, as long as my forearm and dangerously sharp. A roaring sound emerged from the chest of the man and he slide the blade across the throat of the creature, sending its blood into the crowd. The crowd bowed and swayed, each member trying to get a drop of the blood. Each person seemed to get a bit of the blood, and they began to lick at their skin to get the taste of blood on their tongues. The man made sure that each member of the village had a bit of the creatures blood to sake their thirst before giving a sharp yell. The crowd froze then scurried back to their homes. I quickly laid myself on the roof, hiding from the view of the family that went into the house below me. The man was left alone in the middle of the village, blood slowly dripping down his arm. He held the creature up by the one hand, and deftly decapitated the corpse. Throwing the body to the ground and the head into a small bag, the man turned to his cart. Before he opened the cart, he threw up the hood of his cloak, covering his head and most of his face. The fur was even more obvious now, covering the shoulders of the man. I began to bristle again, but wondered how to best deal with this man. A quick kill would not suffice, I knew that now, seeing the power and coldness that he dealt with the crowd, and a quick kill would not be enough for him. A feeling deep in the place my food went told me that to truly kill this man, I would have to hack him into pieces while still alive. Something about his eyes and scent told me that I could not toy lightly with this man. If I left him just the barest alive, he might be able to come back and seek me out.

A noise in the night distracted me for a moment, a boy had crept out of his house and tripped over a jar. Dismissing the boy as nothing, I turned back to the man and his cart, to see him already on the move out of the village. With a quick leap, I was on the ground, dirt settling around my paws. I quickly padded after him, eyes intent on my prey, ignoring the village around me. Nothing the villagers could do could hurt me, and I would be able to smell them from miles away with all that blood on them. The man headed out of the village towards the west, where many towns and bigger city's lay. Perhaps he started with the village to practice, then decided to move on to bigger fish. As I started after him, I heard a cry from the boy behind me. After tripping on the jar and falling to the ground, the boy had failed to get up, and merely lay, flailing weakly. Curious, I carefully walked over to him. Rolling him over with one paw, I saw that foam had began to sprout from the jaws of the boy, and his eyes were rolling back in his head. Smelling the foam, I noticed a hint of poison. The killing bite was deep within the veins of the boy, and soon the human was dead. Other cries arose through the night, and I stood still, listening. At each hut came a few cries, a gurgle, then a silence. So this Sieglatan fellow had poisoned the creature somehow, then made the villagers drink its blood. How fascinating. This man had something to him that was not what I expected.

Giving one last sniff at the boy, and even though my stomach began to growl, I did not take one bite, knowing how deep the poison ran. Looking towards where the man had departed, I knew I had to run fast to catch up to him. The night was already waning. Giving a soft snarl, I pushed off the ground, sending dirt across the already cold body of the boy. My feet made soft thuds upon the ground as I followed the cart trails of the village-killer."

Author:  Dyre [ Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Life of a Wolf

"The next day dawned bright on the horizon. I had caught up to the man a few miles up the road, urging his horse to quicken its pace. The wind blew past my fur and carried it to the horse, which, to my surprise, did not start. Usually my scent made any respectable farm animal scream in surprise. This man had trained his horse well, or it was used to the smell of a wolf. Perhaps it was, since the man carried one on his back. It did not matter much, it would die the same as a scared animal, just its death would be less swift.

My eyes wandered over the cart and man, wondering where he could have sprung from in this blasted land. There was nothing out there that could have birthed a man such as this, unless he came from the same source as I, and that could not be. I can sense a brother from miles away, and do good to avoid him. We wolves did not blend well except in times of battle, and I did not wish to accidentally kill one of my own since he was bothering me. No, at this time, I did not wish any company except that of my occasional sea troll friend. He was elsewhere at the moment, more confused as ever, so I decided to travel alone for a while to explore. It was a good thing I did, or I never would have come across this interesting human. It would be fun to follow him for a few days to see what he really was and what he was really up to out here. Yes he killed a village, but that must not be all he would do. Those two peasants before had made it seem like he was all so frightening. Anyone can kill a village, this man had to prove to me that he could do more.

It was getting bright as the daylight began to show over the trees and I yawned. It would be boring to just watch the cart move slowly across the surface of the earth, so I decided to run ahead to the next biggest town to wait his arrival. It would give me an opportunity to hunt along the way and then I won't miss him when he gets to the next village, since he would get there around nightfall, the time I woke up. Giving this idea a good nod of my head, I darted forward, up through the trees."

Out of Character: This will be added on to later. Stay tuned for more! :D

Author:  Sieglatan [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Life of a Wolf

Ha Ha! That was pretty awesome! The final version may have to be edited slightly, as I may change my character a little, but very cool! Thank you!

Oh, and for anyone reading this- This is in response to what I wrote on Dyre's page;

Feel free to comment/flame!

Author:  Dyre [ Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Life of a Wolf

Exnay on the ameflay. :) (just kidding)

I will finish it eventually, and Sieg, for gosh sakes, tell me what your character is like or I will make him up myself.

Author:  Mikhail Mobius [ Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Life of a Wolf

Excellent writing skills. Its hard to balance detail and swift plot action. Have you taken classes in writing?

Author:  Dyre [ Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Life of a Wolf

Actually I have taken a Creative Writing class here in college, and showed this story to my class, but none of my peers like the story because they couldn't figure out what kind of creature the main character was, and got mad at me for it. It was kinda amusing actually, they were dead set that the character was a wolf, but were mad because it could use things with its hands as well. I didn't think I needed to edit the story to make it more understandable, I think my classmates were just not that science fiction/fantasy savvy. Thank you though, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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