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 Post subject: The Tale of Embara Cayosin
PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:47 pm 
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The Tale Of Embara Cayosin. Whom once was a dragon who hated mankind and is now cursed to be both human and dragon. Forever to be resurrected by the flames of the phoenix. This is his tale. As he sits upon the eve of battle, his men eye him with distrust. For the enemy is beast, and so he appears to be as well. To them he has no name, for this is before he took upon the identity that is is known by today.

"Gather my brothers in arms, those who fight with me this day. Know the man who you fight with in a battle where we will surely meet our end."

The man who spoke sat on a log by the camp fire. The light from the red flame glistened off of his black, scaly skin. The shadows around his raptor like eyes deepened as he sunk his head to look at those who gathered. When all the men had taken their seats around the haven of their camp, he spoke in his most solemn voice. "Tomorrow we go to battle, grim as it is. We ,thirty strong ,verses the legions of monsters from the western mountains. I feel it is right that you know who you fight with as some of you have doubts about my loyalty. Be it that I appear to be a monster, but I stand before you in the form of a man.” The man closes his eyes and begins his tale.

"I am not human, as you can tale by skin, nor am i a beast. In earnest i belong to both classes. I am monster but also human. I was born nearly 800 years ago to the south. i was born a dragon. I was orphaned when humans ,who sought only glory, found my mothers den. I was well hidden in a nook in the cave. Still in my egg, but fully developed, near hatching, and fully aware of all that went on around me. I Knew they were coming. I could smell the mens sweat. Hear their armor clank as they moved. sense their lust for blood.

"As the battle Between my mother and the humans ensued I felt I need to hatch to protect my mother." A tear falls down the mans cheek."When I finally hatched from my protective-thick-walled-shell-egg* I found I was too late. my mother-I-never-knew was dead. The smell of blood was everywhere. The smelly-noisy-bloodlustrious-humans-seeking-glory were no where to be found. I was alone, a hatchling nobody knew existed. Years past a I grew into a strong-young-member-of-my-race. My hatred to the humans knew no limits. I hunted their flocks. I revenged their home steads. I ate the little-ones-protected-by-big-ones.

* this is how dragons describe things that they did not know the word or phrase for at the time

"One day my rage was in full blast. My mate-whom-was-soon-to-be was slain by a human-who-had-dragonbloodmagic. I found this murderer at a temple-to-made-up-idols. When I confronted him he spoke to me in my own tongue"

"I feel your rage at the loss of your mate," he said. "She was my teacher and a good friend, but she was sick and asked me to do her the honor to put her out of her misery."

"LIES! I roared and pounced at him.

“With a flick of his wrist and the pointy-stick-that-focused-dragonbloodmagic, he cast a single spell at me. As the spell hit I felt my insides twist. I grew lighter and smaller. Where my talons should have ridden his flesh, I instead few over his head and into the bushes-with-thorns-and-flowers that grew in the courtyard of the temple-to-made-up-idols. The man-who-changed-me-forever waved his stick and bonds of light lifted my new body into the air. I was unable to move. When i quit trying to break free the man started to speak.”
" My spell has two parts. First you now have to body and limitations of a human. I was kind or curle, however you see fit to view it, and let you keep your skin. Let it be a reminder. A reminder to you, and all those whom see you that you were once a dragon. The second is a blessing and a curse. I have given you the life cycle of a phoenix. When you die, you will burn to ash and be reborn from those ashes as a new form of your current self. With a new path and choices to make. Each cycle gives you a new shot at life. You will have no memory of your past lives until you turn 20. You will need to learn all your skills and lessons over again ,and you will only regain your ancestral memory upon the same age"

“He looks at my broken face and sees the defeat strewn upon my brow.”

"And, i give you a gift."

“He waves his stick-that-made-me-this-way and two swords appear on the ground.”

"This sword."

“He indicated the broken, rusted land cracked buster sword on the left."

“Represents your past. When you take arms with it, always remember how you got to where you are. So that you never forget who you are and what you have done."

“He then motioned to the massive great sword on the right. Elegant, powerful, and stunning in all regards. "

“ This blade is your future. Use it as a guide for each path you follow through time. Both blades will come at your summons. When you die, they too will burn. When you are reborn they will be reforged at your will."

“At that he released the spell that bound me in the air. I fell to the ground and the man-that-cursed-me-and-gave-me-gifts disappeared into the night.”

Around the campfire the men stare ad the dark, scaly skinned man. "And true to his word the cycles pass and i keep being reborn. I sit here tonight with you upon the fifth cycle of my never ending life.”

"Sir," a solder says, "If we are to fight with you then we must know your name.”

the man looks stunned and stutters as he speaks ,as if he was hurt by the statement. "I...I have never been given a real name. One that will last through out all my cycles. I have been given many names that were lost to me all upon the reemergence of my true identity."

A chill wind stirs the air. An owl hoots from a lone far off tree. Wild dogs howl as the look for a lost pup. The men fall quiet and several moments later utter in unison, “Embara Cayosin.”

The nameless man looks at the men. "You hear my story and do not treat me with detest, and you accept me into your ranks and bestow upon me a name. The name in my tongue means Phoenix Blade. and I accept in from you my brothers.

Embara takes up his great sword and a dagger and etches "Valignat Ekess Vignar" in dragon script onto the blade ,"which means burn to ash" he explained to the watching men. On the other side in the same scratchy runes he wrote, " True power comes from the heart." As he finished, the dull scratches burned white hot and forever now were they engraved into the blade.

Upon the morn, the 30 men stand upon a small hill top. Below them the valley swarmed with legions of monsters. The two groups stood and watched each other. One side stood many and monstrous they were. The other side few and lead by one who is both human and monster. Who had chosen to protect those he had hated since birth. Without a sound the men charge, each taking a thousand beasts before falling. As Embara stood alone with the leader of the horde. A massive red elder dragon near its years of twilight. Embara bowed and in the tongue of the dragons said, "Honor be to winner of this fight."

In which the dragon responded, "And honor be to those who have fallen."

Embara unsheathed both of his swords. His past ,broken but never forgotten, on the left. His future, Beautiful and graceful, mysterious, and deadly, on the right. He charged, leaping high into the air. The residual magic of his race carrying him high above the ground. He and the dragon clashed in mid air, at which time Embara sunk both of his blades deep into into the dragons chest. A talon pierces his heart. He smiles and so does the dragon as they both fall to the ground. As the fall the dragon breaths his last and Embara ,still smiling, erupts into flames as his ashes blow away in the breeze. The end of another cycle.

Several cycles later and Embara Cayosin stands on the battle grounds of Dur-Demarion. Surrounded by new comrades. And as he looks towards the future, he smiles as he thinks of the endless adventures waiting for him with his new brothers in arms.

In Draconic
Loreat mrith tiichi - Die with honor
Valignat ekess vignar - Burn to Ash
lleisgar de lowan - Rise from death

Sieglatan wrote:
it looks like you killed and skinned a tiny cow, and riveted the hide onto it.

Ignatius wrote:
I love that he just got put in time out for a month!!!

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 Post subject: Re: The Tale of Embara Cayosin (my back story)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:39 pm 
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Well, my first response to this is :armor1:
Soooo anyway.....I'm guessing you already know about the spelling. That aside, it's rather good as far as a story goes......Like with some correction you could probably make a novel. But I personally don't see it working for the Belegarth lore, but that's just me.

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 Post subject: Re: The Tale of Embara Cayosin (my back story)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:10 pm 
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It-was-a-good-in-part, but the-first-part-of-writing is to do just that...write. Use actual sentence structure and punctuation, and this can be cleaned up well enough. On the brighter side, you are likely a young writer who will pick up more of these rules as you continue to develop. Good Journey.

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 Post subject: Re: Let me take it down
PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 12:44 pm 
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Best post in rp forum ever.


Elebrim wrote:
...I question why lately it seems like we must do everything that Amtgard does or else we are no longer the best fighters. I don't think it's right or necessary.

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