A howl echoes through the wild lands.....
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Author:  LoganSteele [ Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  A howl echoes through the wild lands.....

ooc-A mystical Howl echoes through the wilds. The wolves and werewolves who answer back receive words carried by a messenger spirit relaying a message.

"I am Logan Steel Philodox of the Silver Fangs. I am offering to perform my Gaia given duty to unify and if necessary lead the Garou of these lands. If you wish to join me, learn of our peoples ways and take up your duty as child of Luna this messenger spirit will help you find me. "

ooc- For any werewolves of rank another message is whispered. ic- "Elder I seek others of our kind but have found none. I am grateful to have found you and am reporting for duty."

ooc- I know some of you have knowledge of the world of darkness game system and some do not. As a 22 year fan/ student of wolves and werewolf lore I have found this to be my favorite storyline / game system for us. It appears the main problem facing werewolves here is the costuming for werewolf "form" is cheesy if not heavily invested in and werewolves act crazy during full moons. White wolf takes care of this well. A werewolf in this lore generally only acts crazy on a full moon if that is the moon he was born on, if he has low willpower and if someone ticks him off. Easy fix, play a werewolf with high enough willpower to walk off the extra rage.
In the white wolf game system werewolves are not allowed to show their shape shifting or to give away their nature to non wolves / werewolves unless they are related to the "mortal" or unless that mortal will be killed afterwards to remove the witness. This should take care of the issues facing this charector race.

For these reasons I think we can as a group could have alot of fun. For those of you playing the bitten lycanthrope diseased werewolf types this may not apply so much though there are ways to involve you easily. For those who want to play the genetically passed on born as a werewolf Garou type I am offering my experience and the wisdom from the books I do own to help in any character development and so on. One day I would like to organize some meetings (called Moots) where we can discuss Garou affairs, organize and challenge for rank. I have over a decade worth of story telling experience to give if wanted. I hope some of you are interested.

All that there other Garou out there or am I attempting to begin a movement here? Also right now i am using the origonal version that came out around 1995. I havnt gotten my hands on the new versions yet but ill check em out asap. here is a link to copy and paste - ... f_Darkness )

::Logan relaxes on his mountain top and listens for responses from his brothers and sisters::

Author:  Tyragan [ Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A howl echoes through the wild lands.....

*Tyragan tilts her head, her focus leaving the archaic scroll draped across her hands. A faint smile tugs at the edges of her mouth and she straightens. Her delighted howl echoes throughout the hills and she claps* Guide the way spirit. I wish to speak with this Logan. His offer is intriguing and welcomed. *She straps her shield to her back and lopes after the spirit, humming a song of the people as she goes*

(what do you think of that? Tell me if theres anything i should fix)

Author:  LoganSteele [ Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A howl echoes through the wild lands.....

(sounds like a great reply to me. ill make a list of those interested who reply to my calling and we will start having some fun with this unifying the Garou Nation)

Author:  No'Vak [ Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A howl echoes through the wild lands.....


Author:  LoganSteele [ Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A howl echoes through the wild lands.....

ooc- ::Logans ears flicker as he listens to the replies echoing through the trees below him. He smiles hearing the roar of a potential warrior and the howl of a sister. He waits for others to reply and to arrive to his mountaintop clearing.::

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