The fall of Salamandastron
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Author:  Embara Cayosin [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  The fall of Salamandastron

i decided to stop the half dragon persona. it just didnt work with me and decided to try someting from my faverate fantasy bood series Redwall. Here is the new backstory i wrote up...well enjoy

Far to the west of Mossflower Wood. Past the great river, along the great sea, and among the dunes lies the great fire mountain, Salamandastron. The home of the badger lords and the hares of the long patrol. The great mountain fortress stands as the first defense against attacks from the sea. I once called this keep my home. That was until “It” happened. I am Embara Cayosin. In the old tongue it stand for phoenix blade. I once was second in line as the next lord of the mountain, but now am but a distant memory.

It all happened in the summer of the Raising Star. I was but a whelp, not even 3 seasons under my belt since I came of age. My father, Lord Crimsonpaw, was the current lord of Salamandastron. One morning as I was finishing my morning meal in the great hall as I always did, a messenger summoned me to my fathers study. I bid fare well to my buddies I shared the meal with every morn and left to hear what my father wished to tell me.

I arrived at the study several moments later. As I reached the door my older brother, Sethrin,came up behind me. With his large paws he picked me up, spun me around, and set me behind him. With a smirk and a chuckle he retorted . “there there little one, you know the rules I enter first and you stay in the back and stay quiet like the good little mouse maid you are hehehehehe.”

How I hated his guts. His arrogance, his prawlace, the fact that he stood before me in line for the throne.
But I held my tongue and followed in after him. Our father sat in his large cushioned reading chair. He seemed very intent on the book is nose was buried in. his blood red left paw flipping page after page. We stood there, for the better part of half an hour. We knew better than to interrupt father wile he was reading. At last the book slammed shut. Father mumbled to himself “blasted Abby Mice, they never get anything right. Cloony the scourge was a sea rat not a weasel.” he peered over his half moon spectacles. “well now I see my boys have already arrived. Good good. Now then what did I have you come here for. Hum” she stroked his chin as he tried to remember. “Oh yes now I remember, A ship was spotted making landfall a days journey to the north. Sethrin i'm sending you on patrol to investigate.”

“yes father,” he said with a bow and started heading out the door.

“And,” Sethrin stopped as his hand reached for the door handle. “, i'm sending young embara here with you.”

“But father.” we both shouted at once
“He is but a pup, he has never been on patrol before” my brother cut in first
“How do you expect me to work with him, you know what he thinks of me. He'd rather run me through himself than let a vermin have the pleasure.” I cut in, fear in my voice
“Now you two listen here,” father roared, “i will have none of this petty rivalry between you two. You will go on patrol together and you will like it. Under stood.”
We both nodded in silence.
“now you will leave at last light. Be ready and at the man=in gain at sundown.”

We both left the study with a quick glance and a grunt we headed our separate ways.

The hours passed quickly as I was fitted for my gear. The old marsh hare in charge of the armory looked me over as is stood there. She had fit me in an old suit of chain that was starting to show signs of rust. In my belt she thrust an even older long sword. “this just wont do. Wat did old blood claws think, if only I had a little more time I could have fitted you up proper.” At that she sighed and deep long crackling sigh. “ well off you go you don't want to keep your brother waiting.”
“thank you marm,” I said as I headed out the door.

The sun was starting to set as I reached the main gates. The large iron bridge passing over the chasm of Molten rock was steaming ever so slightly as it always did. Standing in the middle and leaning on the rails was sethrin. “funny thing magma.” he said as I approached, “ you fall in and your body is never found again.”
“Feeling morbid today brother?”
“Its nothing,” he said as he let out a long breath, “lets us be going.”

the nights trek was quiet and uneventful. Neither of us talked to the other. Soon we reached the place where the ship was last spotted. We crouched on a dune over looking the sea. Down below was an armada of ships. Scurrying along the beach was all manner of sea rats, ferrets, and vermin of all kinds.
“it looks like an invasion force.” I said , not taking my gaze away.
“Brother we have to warn the keep.”
“Brother,” I said as I turned my head slowly, the last ting I remember seeing was the butt of a sword swinging at my temple. Then, Blackness.

As I awoke I felt a sharp pain along my right side, I could feel the tugging of fur as I opened my mouth from there the blood had clotted and left a matted mess. Day was breaking. “how long was I out,” I muttered, “BROTHER!!!” but he was nowhere to be found and the hoard below was also gone, leaving the ships on the beech. “ I have to warn the Long patrol, and father.”

Then I ran, non stop until I could see the peak of Salamandastron in the distance. Soon I saw it, the smoke. Still I ran, faster and faster. Now the screams and clang of steel and twang of bow. I stood on the ridge over looking the Mountain fortresses valley. Littering the valley was the bodies of countless hares mixed with the putrid corpses of vermin. “they breeched the keep, I have to help.”

I ran through the blood soaked sand till I reached the iron bridge. The smell was horrifying as the bodies and blood cooked on the warm metal. I could hear the fighting from inside. I have to help father I thought to myself. I crossed the bridge into the main hall. Vermin crossed blades with hares. Shoutings of battle cries, the sound of crossing bones as a sea rat brought his hammer down on the skull of the hare nearest me. The rat haden't seen me, I drew by blade and ran the beast through the back. Not stopping to examine my deed i cut through the tapestry to my right. I found my self in the hidden stairway that I knew wound around the mountain and exited in my fathers study. I knew if I fallowed this passage I would eventually find my way to his side.

I ran as fast as I could muster. Darting from hidden exit to hidden exit. Looking for father and dispatching vermin when ever the opportunity presented itself. But I couldn't find him anywhere. The I reached the last exit, the very top, the lords private study. From inside I heard the clashing of steel. I ran out of the hidden passage in time to see it happen. Sethrin was there and so was father. Cold blood soaked steel protruding from fathers back. And Sethrin laughs. As fathers lifeless body fell from his blade. “Oh how easily the great are slain, eh little brother.” he glances over at me. Blood clotting his fur, murder in his eyes, a smile on his lips. “ now what shall we do with you.” he steped closer to me and I stepped slowly back from his advance.

“ what have you done brother?” I cried, still retreating from my brothers steady advance.
“Done? What have I done? Oh nonono little bro, I have merely taken what was rightfully mine. I have ridden this mountain of those filthy hares. Taken a throne that should have been mine years ago, and slain the only one who could ever give me any problem in the future.”
I tried to step back but my foot hit only air. We had backed out onto the cliff face overlooking the sea. It had started to rain. Lightning flashed all around. “ What do you mean who else have you slain”
“You little brother,” and he charged, I backed up in fear and fell. The last thing I remember seeing as I looked up was the smile on my murderous brothers face. Then wet...cold...i had hit the water below....Blackness.

I came too. Laying on a beach I had never seen before. The sea had carried me far. Over the hill I heard the clash of steel and the shouts of death. I staggered up and over. As I gazed below I saw creatures I had never seen before. In a way they where built like me. The stood on two legs, but what was odd was the diversity. Their skin, they had no fur, was shades of pink, brown,and green. The green skins seemed to be fighting the pinks and browns and seemed to be stronger built than the others. Some had tusks will they all curried scars. While the orks as I later found out they where called,where built stronger than the hu-mans, but the humans far out numbered the orcs.

“hum, what a strange place I have wound up in”

I picked up a sword from a body near me and with a shout I charged into the fray


Author:  The Great Gigsby [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandstron

Now, I loved those books in elementary school, but...

half-dragon ---> furry

I fail to see how this is an improvement.

Author:  Embara Cayosin [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandstron

it wont go the fury level. at most it will be close too bugbear face paint...Black and white stripes

Author:  Dyre [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandstron

This made me double take, just because of the title. My realm is called Salamandastron, so I was concerned, but now I understand it. Good backstory! :)

Author:  No'Vak [ Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandastron

Holy **** wall of text.

So you're a badger?

Author:  PhotoJoe [ Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandastron

No'Vak wrote:
Holy **** wall of text.

So you're a badger?

All is well until the mushrooms and snakes get involved.

Author:  Embara Cayosin [ Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandastron

No'Vak wrote:

So you're a badger?

you got a problem with that bub. :fingers:

Author:  No'Vak [ Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandastron

Not at all. lol

Author:  Junon Salk [ Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The fall of Salamandastron

WOW, That was really good. I am a huge fan of Redwall, but at the end does he wake up in LOTR?

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