Florentine moves/attacks/defenses
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Author:  Kyrian [ Wed Jul 05, 2006 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  Florentine moves/attacks/defenses

Kyrian: I'm not quite sure why, but the original thread got deleted. I am recreating the thread here.

Lady Elistirne wrote:
Greetings all here and thanks to Kyrian for allowing me acess to this forum. I have been fighting for two years and have been using flourentine the majority of that time. I feel I am a decent/average warrior but I would like to be better and thus I would like to know if any can give me help with different flourentine moves,attacks,and defenses against all styles and particularly shields and large weapons likes spears,glaives,and big reds.

Also,if I could get some tips,perhaps on a good stance(s)-aggressive and defensive for a flourentiner as well as ways to improve my footwork/agility,and quickness that would be much appeciated and I would be very grateful.

Varda bless you all and the stars shine on your paths,
Lady Elestirne

April2June wrote:
I'd like to hear about this too, as I hope to go Dual Axes someday.

Spork wrote:
If you've been fighting for 2 years, you probably know more then me. So, I'll probably be stating the obvious.

But, you want to keep the least body area facing the opponent. And the quick two-shot hits is what you always try to achieve, it's better to learn these so you don't have to worry about when you face an armored opponent.

I've seen a lot of spins from florentiners, but not many fight like this in my realm. Plus, I'm usually sword/board or rocks.

There are a lot of combos, but I don't know how to really explain them.


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