Flail and Punch
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Author:  Black Cat [ Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Flail and Punch

I have noticed this combination a lot on the field. What are the advantages and disadvatages of fighting with a flail and a punch shield? What are some good strategies to use when fighting against someone who is using this combination?

Author:  Kyrian [ Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:57 pm ]
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-Increased offensive capability using the flail
-Flail is generally harder to defend against
-Punch shield is typically more maneuverable than a strapped shield

-Slightly less defensive capability of a flail versus sword
-Punch shield is typically more vulnerable to being manipulated by strapped shields, spears, and red weapons

-Use the shield edge to actively control and intercept the ball and chain
-Use combinations of shield edging/punching/hooks to manipulate the punch shield along with wrap shots
-Attempt counterswings against the flail arm
-Fight against flail users to learn the most common angles and train your shield arm to defend against those
-Fight florentine with an axe or other hafted weapon. The chain of a flail is more likely to get wrapped around the haft which may give you the slight pause you need to get in a successful attack.
-Be mindful of the common wraps and extension shots that are very popular with flail users

Hope this helps.

Author:  Olos [ Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:35 am ]
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if it is a long thing punch shield, and your sword is heavy enough, you might be able to power through the shield and take their leg or side, tough to do this unless they are a physically weaker fighter than you though, and even then pretty tough.

The advantage of a flail though, in my opinion is that your opponent has to move their shield farther to block it than they would a sword, so for one, an outright straight shot may sometimes get around their shield and wrap to their arm/back/leg. Also, many will hold the flail horizontally behind the shield so ytou cannot see where the shot is going. And then, because you have less reaction time, and you have to block farther, it makes the flail very good for faking. Fake low, your opponent has to go way low to block the shot, then you go high and get the shoulder easily.

It also seems like the punch shield is the best to use against a flail. Flails don't seem to put nearly as much moving force into a blow as a decently heavy sword, so you aren't quite as prone to the shield being moved, and since you can move the shield easier, it is easier to block far with the punch shield, also, since you hold it farther from your body, you arent as prone to the ball wrapping around and still hitting you.

And yes, to echo what kyrian said, hit their sword arm if you can. Flails tend to be more tip heavy(big ball on the tip that moves around on its own), so their weapon arm won't be moving as fast as with a sword. Try to hit that weapon arm if you can get their swing timing down. Any fighter will lose a good portion of his effectiveness losing an arm, and most will lose another large portion when forced to use their offhand. A very experienced fighter may still kill you with just a flail in his offhand, but if you are relatively new, taking the arm of one of the better fighters on the field(and maybe killing them) would be well worth it, even if you died.

But mostly, just keep fighting them, and find out what works for you against that style.

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