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 Post subject: Broken Ballads (A Greyglade Day Event)
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:46 pm 

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The demonic invasion of the island of Agrix could not be undone, but after a day and night of fierce battles the men of Greyglade and their allies managed to rescue the bewitched Gylfie from among the horde of possessed pirates and escape the island, untying the ghostly enemy ships and letting the horrific whirlpool carry them back to the underworld. They had prevailed, trapping the demonic swarm on the tiny ravaged island for ...a time. The present trouble overcome, the men of Greyglade turned to their mission of returning to the capital of Mylis and confronting the duplicitous King Thigar, whose dissembling had hidden the terrible danger of the demonic threat of the Silk from them almost until it was too late. Upon their return, however, the companions found the city oddly changed. When Nihr, Berzerker, and Mouse went to the palace to seek an audience with the king, they found that the courtiers and attendants acted strangely, and their eyes shone with a strange light. And once they had been ushered into the inner chambers, they were greeted by an old enemy: Shadrak the Mute. The former crime boss of the city had survived his fall from the rooftops at the hands of the companions months before, his horrible wounds knitted back together by the demonic forces of the Silk, and the same powers giving him the means to infiltrate the castle and draw the highest officials in the kingdom under his control. The men of the castle guard, under his diabolic enchantments, tried to seize the trio, and it was only through Berzerker's valor and sacrifice to capture that Nihr and Mouse escaped from the castle to return to their companions. With the king's spell-bound soldiers hard on their heels, the companions retreated to the rooftops, meeting up with the remains of the Broken Chords at the old Ballad Street, now a center for the city resistance. Now as the weight of the absent king's corrupted justice presses down against them, the companions of Greyglade find themselves once again fighting a war on the rooftops, to defeat the armies of the newly demonic-powered Shadrak, and to rescue the bewitched Berzerker, who fights at the head of the policing force trying to hunt them down. As the threat of the Silk continues to loom elsewhere in the kingdom, and the united forces of the king's soldiers are desperately needed to repel the invasion, the future of the world itself may rest on the shoulders of the companions once again...

So, for those of you who have not yet heard, the fourth in Greyglade's series of yearly story-based day battles is coming up soon. Due to increasing popular demand, our story has brought us back to the rooftops of Mylis, and we're going to be running another of our super-sweet rooftop battles, and we're really excited, so come out and help us mold the Dagorhir future of Greyglade. For those interested in what has gone on before, you can read the stories to the previous battles here:
Part 1, The Battle of Ballad Street -​rums/index.php?topic=2562.​0
Part 2, Shatter Point -​rums/index.php?topic=15321​.0 and
Part 3, A Storm at Whisper Bay -​rums/index.php?topic=19332​.0

The event fee is 3 dollars per person, for food and admission. Weapons check will open at 10:00 Central and the fighting will start at around 11.

I'll send out this message on Facebook and make a post on the national boards, but I'd appreciate y'all talking it up to your friends and bringing them along. The awesome attendance and attitudes are what make these events so special to us, and we'd love to continue that for another year. If you have any comments or inquiries, feel free to comment here or on my Facebook wall, or to point your electronic missives towards greyglade [at] dagorhir [dot] com.

Hope to see you there!
_Ser K

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