Giants Awakening VII-Dorion Ontario Aug 9th to Aug 13th 2017
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Author:  Antoinette [ Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Giants Awakening VII-Dorion Ontario Aug 9th to Aug 13th 2017

Thunder Guard would like to invite you all to GIANTS AWAKENING VII!
This is our seventh year running our Canadian Belegarth Event. We really hope that more of you can make it up here to join us!

Dates: Wednesday August 9th 2017 to Sunday August 13thth 2017

Event Fees:

$25 Canadian or America Pre-Reg

Pre-Reg Information
When Pre-Reg Opens Please send pre-reg to [url][/url] via PayPal.
In your payment please list the following information:
1. Mundane Name,
2. Fighting Name,
3. Unit,
4. Realm

At The Gate Fees (14+)
Wed-Thursday: $30
Friday before Feast: $25
Friday after Feast/Saturday before Feast: $20
Day Trip No Feast: $10
Day Trip with Feast $15

Event Fees for Children
Kids 5-13: Half of whatever the fee is for the day
Kids under 5- Free
Time and Location

We welcome you to roll in on Wednesday August 9th after 1:00pm local time (EST) and be off at Noon (12pm Local Time) on Sunday

The Event Sitr Location is 130 Dorion Loop Rd Dorion, ON (This is about an 1 hour outside of Thunder Bay)

Map Links:

Map to the Event Site from Trans-Canada Highway 11/17 East

Map from USA Border at Grand Portage to Event Site

Please Note: If your GPS says the highway is closed, do not listen to it. Follow the Trans-Canada Highway 11/17 East from the Boarder Crossing all of the way to Dorion!

Facebook Event:
To attend this event you require a valid passport. Please see the information here if you require passport information:

If you need to renew your passport:

Where to find the closest passport office to you:

Event Staff Information
Event Coordinator: Squire Antoinette Finnrsdottir
Head of Troll: Runa
Head of Weapons Check: Bappy
Head Marshall/Field Fighting Lead: LOOKING FOR WILLING PERSON
Co-Head Feast: Squire Antoinette and Retainer Tonks

If you have any question please ask one of us!
Giants Awakening VII Schedule
Wednesday ( Aug 9th)
- Event Staff Arrive to site by 11:00am
- Site Set Up (Troll, Firewood, Outhouses, Generators, Feast Items) 11am to 1pm
- Site Opens at 1:00pm
- Afternoon pick up fighting
- No Check
- Troll Closes when the last person goes to bed

Thursday (Aug 10th)

- Troll Open at 9am
- Site Breakfast (build your own break wraps)
- Garbage run
- Weapons Check from 9am-11am
- Line Battles from 11am-1:00pm
- Swimming Break
- Scenario Battles 230pm-500pm
- Castle Battles (45mins – 230pm to 315pm)
- Runic Portal Battles (315pm-430pm)
- This battle is 1 hour and 15 mins
- These are objective battles, there will be 5 runic portals throughout the
field and the paths
- There will be 3 teams (Purple, Pink, Orange)
- The objective is to be the team holding the most runic portals by the end
of the battle
- Optional: This scenario may employ dag rules for healers
- Water Break 430pm-445pm
- Bridge Battles 445pm-545pm

- Dinner (Not provided by event)
- Troll Closes 11pm

Friday (Aug 11th)
- Troll Open at 9am
- Site Breakfast (Pancakes and bacon)
- Garbage run
- Weapons Check from 9am-11am
- Line Battles from 11am-1:00pm
- Swimming Break
- Scenario Battles 230pm-500pm
- Bridge Battle 230pm-330pm
- Forest Battle 330pm-500pm
- 3 Teams (Purple, Pink, Orange)
- 3 respawns points
- Unlimited respawns
- There are 15 hidden ribbons of each colour(War braids) in the area (area
of fighting roped off by bright orange flagging tape) the team with the most
ribbons in their colours wins
- You can horde ribbons of the other colours
- You must display them on your person
- If you get killed, you give up half your ribbons to the person who killed you,
you pick the ribbons
- Optional Dag healer rules apply

- Water Break at 415pm
- Tournaments 500-700
-Sword and Board (No Armor)
- Single Sword (No Armor)
- 2 Sword (No Armor)

- Dinner Provided by Event 700pm

- Slow-Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken
- Buns
- Cheese and Fruit Tray
- Build Your Own Salad
- Persians and Ninimo Bars
- Veggie Option: Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

- Garb Tournament
- Everyone will have 3 ballots 1 for monster, 1 for pinky, and one for armor
- Creator of Garb/armor must be present
- Garb with most votes win
- Ballots must be in by Feast
- Troll Closes 11pm

- Bardic Tournament (Dusk)
- Bardic will need to be setting appropriate songs
- Judge: Mary
- Will be judged on entertainment value, setting appropriateness, and

Saturday ( Aug 12th)
- Troll Open at 9am
- Troll Closes at Noon
- Site Breakfast (Build your own breakfast wraps)
- Garbage run
- Weapons Check from 9am-11am
- Scenario Battles from 11am-1:00pm
- Unit Battles/Realm Battles
- Swimming Break
- Tournaments 230pm-700pm
- Red (No Armor)
- Spear (No Armor)
- Dagger (No Armor)
- 2 Man ( Armor)
- 3 Man (Armor)
- War God (Armor)
- Open (No Armor)
- Archery(No Armor)
- If finished before 700pm can move to general line battles

- Dinner Provided by Event 700pm
- Taco Bar
- Cheese and Fruit Tray
- Build Your Own Salad
- Apple Cobbler, Peach Cobbler
- Awards Presentation for Tournaments
Tournament Prizes are a Belt Flags made by Lady Gorg with the Thunder
Guard Logo, Giants Awakening 7 and the name of the tournament
- General Bonfire Sillyness

Sunday (Aug 13th)
- Clean up and be out by Noon
Other Things to Remember:
* This is tent camping but the site owners have said that Camper trailers are allowed as well
* There is a river just up the highway(freeway) that we can go swimming in if you want to. Its cold, but its awesome so make sure to bring your swimming suites.
* The site is very child friendly
* The site will be build two outhouses for us to use
* The site owners are awesome and are around all of the time, they enjoy hanging out with us
* The site does have wifi
* The site is in rural Ontario, you can bring your dogs so long as they are tired up or on a leash
* The site is in rural Ontario, the nearest town is 20 miles away
* The site is in rural Ontario, there are bugs, so bring bug spray
* The site does have lots of trees but it get sunny and hot, so bring sunscreen
* There will be Persians
* The site is NOT DRY
* Alcohol costs a lot more than you will be use to in Canada, so please bring your own
* The drinking age here is 19
* The official word on what you can bring in with you is as follows: 1.5 litres (50.7 US ounces) of wine, including wine coolers over 0.5 percent alcohol, or 1.14 litres (38.5 US ounces) of liquor, or a total of 1.14 litres (38.5 US ounces) of wine and liquor, or 24 x 355 millilitre (12 ounce) cans or bottles of beer or ale, including beer coolers over 0.5 percent alcohol (a maximum of 8.5 litres or 287.4 US ounces).

Things We Do Not Know:

* If we can have open fire (will depend on what the weather will be like)

Thunder Guard hopes to see you all soon!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here or PM one of hte event staff- Antoinette (Kayla Harris), Runa (Karri Johansson), Tonks (Jessica Gaudette), Kayvaan (Jacob Abthorpe) or one of the Thunder Guard Leadership Team- Kodite (Devan Barrie) and Hippo (Andrew Sutton)

Author:  Antoinette [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Giants Awakening VII-Dorion Ontario Aug 9th to Aug 13th

For anyone travelling from a distance to come to Canada this Aug please consider joining the Giants Awakening Travel Arrangement Facebook Group here:

Author:  Antoinette [ Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Giants Awakening VII-Dorion Ontario Aug 9th to Aug 13th

Pre-reg for Giants will Open on May 1st! If you are planning on coming to the event please make sure you have your passport book (if you are flying) or your passport card (if you are driving)! We cant wait to see you all there!

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