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 Post subject: [Tutorial] Segmented Kidney Belt
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 6:41 pm 
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Hey all, I guess I'll start the tutorials out with something decently simple. A segmented kidney belt. Its based on the roman Lorica Segmentata and shouldn't take you more then an evening to do once you get everything cut and tooled.

Segmentata Kidney Belt


8- Strips of Armor grade leather, 3" wide by about half length of your waistline.
1- 1/2" strip of leather, approximately 2 feet long
4- 3/4" buckles
1 Strip of 3/4" leather long enough to cut into 4 belts
36 (approximately) Rivets
1/8" hand punch
1" oblong punch
rivet setter
razor knife

   Make sure that before you rivet anything together, all of your dying or stamping is out of the way.  Otherwise you    

run the risk of having undyed/stamped parts being exposed.  These specific measurements are for a medium sized adult    male

(me) and you should adjust them accordingly.  Always make paper templates before cutting your leather to ensure    

proper fitting.
Step 1. Measuring Strips
   a)The Buckle side of your kidney belt should be approximately the length from your spine to your belly button.
   b)The Belt side of your kidney belt should be approximately the length from your spine to your belly button +2"
Step 2. Punching Holes
   a)Measure in 1 1/2" from one end of your buckle side strips.  Cup a 1" oblong hole parallel to the end of the strap.
      Note:This is best done with a 1" oblong punch.  If you do not have such a punch you can cut these holes by    

   hand, but be careful.
   b)Measure in 3 1/2" from one end of your belt strips.  Cut a 1" oblong hole parallel to the end of the strap.
   c)Measure in 1/4" from the opposite end of all your strips.  Punch as many 1/8" holes as you feel are necassary to    

   lace all the straps together.  I personally put 5 in each strip.
   d)Punch 2 1/8" holes in line next to each oblong hole, these are for the belts to be attatched with and should be on    

   the same side as the lacing holes.
   e)Measure 1/4" down from the "top" of each 3"strip, lightly draw a line along its entire length.  Punch 1/8" holes    

   along this line at 2" from the lacing holes and 2" from the oblong holes.
      Note:These are what will hold the kidney belt in a single piece, if you wish it to be 4 free floating belts,    

      you may skip this step.  You may also want to have more than four hanging straps depending on your preference

      and length of the overall belt.
Step 3. The Belts
   a)Cut the 3/4" strip into segments long enough to attatch to the buckles and line up within 1/4" of the end of the    

      buckle side strips.
   b)With the remaining strips, cut them long enough to have some overhang when buckled.
   c)Cut 2 holes in the end of each strip to attatch to the belt strips.
   d)Cut as many holes in the belt strip to allow adjustment for garb.
   e)Stack the belt strips with enough overhang to cover the rivet holes you cut in step 2.e.  Cut the 1/2" strip to    

lengths that will allow them to cover each of the holes in the belt strips. Punch 1/8" holes aligned with these holes    on

the belt strips.
Step 4. Attatchment
   a)Lace pairs of Buckle Side and Belt side strips together.
   b)Slide the buckle and belt strips through the appropriate oblong holes and rivet them in place.
      Note:Be sure they are facing the correct direction.
   c)Rivet the hanging straps to the belt via the holes you punched in step 3.e.
Step 5. Finishing Touches
   Put your new kidney belt on and tighten it down until it is comfortable and hangs over your entire stomach.  You may    

have to punch new holes in your belt to tighten or loosen it to fit correctly.



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