Looking to help start realms in Southern Ontario

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Looking to help start realms in Southern Ontario

Postby Wisp, the Wyrd » Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:29 pm

Currently, there are 4 official realms for Belegarth in Canada. I want to change that. I am the realm leader for London's Malkier. Over the summer, I am going to canvas surrounding towns to try and generate interest in Bel to get more people to create realms. If anyone has an interest in making a realm and needs help of any kind, be it weapons, garb or bodies to use for demo, Malkier will help to the best of our abilities. So please, refer new Canadians in the area to myself and Malkier and together we can create a better foot hold for Canada in Belegarth. Thank you for the read.
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