Check out the new Chaos Wars Website and Register Now!

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Check out the new Chaos Wars Website and Register Now!

Postby Shino » Thu May 08, 2014 7:34 pm


The new Chaos Wars website is now live!

You can find it at:

As we get closer to July, the Chaos Wars website will have complete schedule information, event campsite information and merchant information.

For those of you attending, be sure to register with the easy to use registration tool. Just follow the button from the homepage.

Why Should you register on the Chaos Wars website?

Preregistering is important as it will help us get an idea of how big the camps are going to be. There will be more than enough campsite space for everyone at Chaos Wars but there are a limited number of electricity and water hook ups for the camps to use. So get your realm and unit mates to register. We want to make sure that the water and electricity are evenly distributed and that those with large groups and especially those who have traveled from out of state get water and electricity access.

Do you have to pay online?

The online registration system will not prompt you to pay your event fee. You will still pay at Troll when you arrive at Chaos Wars. Think of this as a placeholder for you and your camp.

How can you register to camp with your realm/unit or another realm or unit?

Easy, the registration information not set in stone. You just have to fill in your camp association in either the realm or unit section and select either realm or unit in the "camping with?" drop down menu.

What are the Quiet, Loud and Ruckus camps?

Quite camp already has a predetermined location on the site. It overlooks the main field from the North and has its own access to bathrooms, a playground and a pavilion. Quiet camp also has the shortest walk to the pool and showers.
Quite camp is intended for those who have families or for those who prefer not to camp in the livelier camping areas which may carry on late into the evenings.
Loud camp is the general camping area. It will be the largest camping area and will accommodate the most campers. Loud camp will have the best access to the town center, fighting field, troll and merchant locations.
(It's really only called loud camp because the other general camp is called quiet camp. We're pretty creative, I know.)
Ruckus camp is the camping area that will be nearest the Chaos Colosseum where the larger nightlife events are hosted and Main Fire. Campers in this area should appreciate the nightlife events of Chaos Wars because these events will be happening in their camp's backyard. The amenities in both camps are generally the same but Ruckus camp may come with more night-owls and party animals.

What about the other two options?

If you have not given any thought to who you will camp with, just select 'Alone' or 'Anywhere I can'.
Once at the event, event staff will be more than happy to help you find a suitable camp site. If by that time you have plans to camp with another camp, that is great as well.

Wait, what if I...
There will be more than enough camping space for everyone. So even if you are camping alone or sharing camp space there is no reason not to register if you are planning on attending Chaos Wars.

Thanks for reading!

We'll see you on the battlefield!
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