Banner Quest CW XVIII

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Banner Quest CW XVIII

Postby Ralimar » Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:11 pm

The Chaos Banner

(Please comment on this thread on the CW Facebook page if you plan to compete for the banner. Tell me what realm or unit is competing, and if I have time, I will customize your quest gear.)

The Gilded Age is a time of lavish pleasure and enjoyment, but there is a dark current running just beneath the surface. A plague has begun to menace the lands. Farmers' fields lie fallow as they haven't the strength to work; nobility retreat from the public eye, ashamed of the sores that cover their skin; raiders pillage the lands that were once protected by brave knights, now bed-ridden.
The clergy insist that the plague is divine will, brought to punish civilization for its indulgence in pleasure, and that it can only be cured if a brave man or woman finds a treasured artifact. This artifact will make the Chaos Banner appear, and once it is held aloft by the victorious, the plague will be cured.
Rumors circulate of a mysterious doctor who can not only treat the sickness, but also knows the path to the Banner. They say that only those who are skilled in combat, agile of mind, and kind of heart will be able to solve the puzzle.

The Banner for CW XVIII will be won via a quest. As in years past, you will need to participate in 3 areas to be a contender: Combat, Service, and Evening Events. Participation is the key to winning!!

Combat: Most days, there will be 2 theme battles. If you field 90% of your registered unit/realm, you will also receive one piece of the map. The winner of these battles will win one additional map piece. Doing well in tournaments will also have its benefit.

Service: At random points during the day, event volunteers will be given coordinates.

Evening Events: By interacting with the quest NPCs, players will be rewarded with clues.

Players will need a combination of map pieces, map coordinates, and clues to put all of the pieces together and find the treasure. Participation is the key to winning!!!
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