Chaos Wars 18 Minutes

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Chaos Wars 18 Minutes

Postby Xooyan » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:26 pm

Chaos Wars 18 War Council minutes July 26, 2014

Mandatory archery certification
Weapons check lunch break
Who is running it next year
Field safety class
Medical provisions
Safe people
Chaos Website

Site discussion: This discussion includes mostly good responses including positive responses to the management of the Indian Springs. Everything was worked out to provide plenty of bathrooms, electricity, water, etc. Positive on site negotiations were held for using electrical to charge mobile devices and to arrange for less expensive use of the pool. Some concerns were brought up regarding shade and future negotiations for greater access to electricity and cheaper shower rates. Possible alternative sites were mentioned including going back to Silverbell Ranch in Hailey, the Boy Scout camp on Scout Mountain, and a possible site in Rigby owned privately by Kage’s family. Motion is made to have information about alternative sites available to Chaos 19 Coordinators by October 1, 2014. Motion seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Battles: Pros and Cons were voiced about the battle schedule during the week. Pros mentioned included cleaner fighting (possibly due to the Chaos Banner not being won by combat this year), less field contention (suggested as due to the Cloaks being settled early in the week, which settled competition early in the game), and inflatable obstacles were considered an enormous success. Cons mentioned were a lack of larger field battles, having realm and unit battles end entirely after Wednesday, trials cutting into field fighting, and lack of water stations. Suggestions were made to make Friday and Saturday more about larger (two team) field battles. Various options were proposed for means of setting up water breaks and water stations. It is also mentioned that fighters should be responsible for their own well being and taking breaks when necessary. Various options as to longer or shorter lunch breaks are also proposed with suggestions about timing for trials or classes as a part of that discussion. Motion is made to have future coordinators examine these options and discussion. Motion is seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Mandatory Archery Certification: Elwrath brings up how archery certification is handled at Ragnarok (all archers much engage in a safety certification in order to arch at the event). Xooyan offers to create a small group of archers that will propose a list of rules that should be mentioned as part of the safety class. The group will discuss the list, make alterations, and present a proposal to Chaos 19 Coordinators for their final approval. Motion is made to pursue this through future event coordinators. Motion is seconded. Motion is passed by unanimous vote.

Security indicators: Concerns were voiced about Security volunteers being clearly indicated. Elwrath volunteers to make tabards that will indicate security volunteers. Yuri suggests creating two heads of security at future Chaos Events in order to allow coordinators to take breaks and alternate nights on and off duty. There is some discussion about communication between security volunteers. Walkie Talkies are mentioned as a possible purchase, however due to previously incurred costs and loss of walkie talkies in the past, it is determined that asking security volunteers to use their own cell phones is best. The suggestion is made that all security volunteers will exchange cell numbers at the beginning of the event in order to communicate the rest of the week. Motion is made to table this discussion as solutions have been proposed to all concerns. Motion seconded Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Lunch break weapons check: The concern is voiced that it remains a concern to get people to attend a morning weapons check. There were also concerns this year as to communication between those running the fighting schedule with those volunteering at weapons check. Various suggestions are made as to the timing of weapons check and the personal responsibility of fighters to have their weapons arrive at check on time. Motion is made to close the discussion. Motion is seconded. Motion is passed by unanimous vote.

Field safety class: The suggestion is made that we have a need for a class or introduction for new fighters regarding behavior on the field and safety. Spriggot set a trial for BC to create and run a new fighter orientation and field awareness class for Chaos 19. Griff suggests that this is the responsibility of the realms to prepare their fighters to come to a larger event. Others contend that an orientation is never a bad thing. Proposal is made to allow BC to move along the idea of a new fighter orientation and field awareness class with event coordinators for Chaos 19. Motion is seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Medical provisions: Concerns are brought up regarding a lack of coordination of medic volunteers and medical kits at the event. It is explained to those concerned that coordination is not done in any way due to the fact that Chaos Wars is currently an uninsured event and this places medical volunteers in a dangerous position professionally and in terms of personal liability. Therefore the current methods will be in no way formalized nor will Chaos Wars maintain medical supplied until we have event insurance. Motion is made to close the discussion. Motion is seconded. Motion is passed by unanimous vote.

Safe people poster: Several people would like to have the Safe People Poster return to a prominent position at Troll. Dopp promises to have it back next year and we are sure that Crynolyn will help to update it.

Insurance: General liability insurance options are brought up for discussion by Anastasia who has experienced success with providing insurance for Battle for the Ring in California. Anastasia has a provider that will likely work with us toward a similar option in Idaho for a reasonable fee. Dopp will discuss these options with Anastasia and put together options for the next Chaos Wars.

Chaos Website: Gamhain put together a website (hosted by for us and has been working to put all the event information on the website. This is taking time, but should be complete soon and will help to facilitate more complete information sharing for future Chaos Wars events. Several volunteers offer to help moderate a forum on the site for direct communication without having to use the boards, which are largely not visited. Many thanks are offered both to Gamhain for his time and help with the site as well as those who are volunteering as moderators. Motion is made to close discussion. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Off Agenda Concern regarding Camp designations: Lady Rose suggests that Quiet Camp and Ruckus Camp does not allow for an in between space for those that don’t want absolute quiet after dark, but don’t quite participate at the Ruckus level of noise and partying. It is proposed that we create a sort of “middle ground” camping area for future events. Motion is made to suggest this to future coordinators. Motion is seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Chaos Wars 19 Coordination: Huma volunteers to be head coordinator. Orren, Shino, Elwrath, Michael, Cheeseheart, Spriggot all volunteer to help. It is determined that all those that have volunteered will get together and hash out a smaller group of 5 to be primary coordinators under Huma and will delegate responsibility as necessary. Motion is made to approve Huma as head coordinator and allow him and others to work out the smaller group of other primary coordinators. Motion is seconded. Motion is passed by unanimous vote.

Motion is made to close the War Council. Motion is seconded. Motion is passed by unanimous vote.

Realms and Representatives Present:

Highlands of Chaos Dopp
Ered Duath Elwrath
Shannara Savitar
Stygia Sleuth
Tir na Nog Aislyn
Babylon Huma and D Joose
Rath Airia
Stronghold Cheeseheart
Anduril Anastasia
Ebonhold Spriggot also CA =GBN (this is as near as I can read it from the sign in sheet)
Aquilonia Griff and Jubai
Sand Plains Silo
Altui Rang Ralimar
Black Water Aizen and Kord
Acheron Gamhain
Nomads Slate
Nan Belegorn Ghyll
Tir Asleen Darvax
Saracor Torix and Callus
Andor Yuri
Organizing WC Xooyan
Also Present this year’s Coordinators not already listed (Including Shino and Iggy)
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