3.1 - Redundant wording

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3.1 - Redundant wording

Postby Akroth » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:02 am

Minor suggestion for a wording change in 3.1 - The use of the words "is allowed" in several of the sub rules (3.1.2, 3.1.4) seems redundant, given that 3.1 already indicates that this section is regarding allowable contact. It is also inconsistent - We use the words "Is allowed" in 3.1.4 but not in 3.1.1.

3.1. The following actions are allowable contact:

3.1.1. Weapon to weapon contact.
3.1.2. Weapon to body contact is allowed on valid target areas using striking-legal surfaces.
3.1.3. Body to weapon contact: Pushing, grabbing, or sweeping a combatant’s strike-legal surface results in a valid hit to the body location used for contact. Additional rules may be found in 3.12.
3.1.4. Weapon to shield contact is allowed.
3.1.5. Shield to weapon contact: Shields may be used to strike, deflect, move or pin a combatant’s weapon.
3.1.6. Shield to shield contact: Shields may be used to strike, deflect, move, or pin a combatant’s shield.
3.1.7. Shield to body contact: Shields may be used to strike, deflect, move, or pin a combatant’s body other than what is mentioned in 3.2.
3.1.8. Body to shield contact: Combatants may manipulate another combatant’s shield with their body, including feet, knees, shoulders, hands, and elbows.
3.1.9. Body to Body contact: Combatants may make contact with other combatants in accordance to rule 3.12.
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