Re-Classify Ranged Weapons?

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Re-Classify Ranged Weapons?

Postby Akroth » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:58 am

Suggesting that we re-work class 4 and 5 into four distinct classes:
  • Class 4 - Javelin
  • Class 5 - Rock
  • Class 6 - Arrow/Bolt
  • Class 7 - Bow/Crossbow

First, let's look at some issues with the existing rules:

3.5.4. Class 4 (missile) weapons cause one hit to a target area and bypass all armor except head armor. A Class 4 weapon striking an armored portion of the head area causes no hit.
4.1.12. Archery: Class 4 weapons including bows, crossbows, arrows, and bolts.

While painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain, the rules don't actually differentiate between what weapons get thrown, what weapons get fired, and what weapons are used for firing. (Other than Javelins, where the word "thrown" is mentioned in 4.1.11).

Based on current rules, both a bow and it's arrow are class 4 weapons, and both will cause damage if you're struck by them. There is no indication that a rock must be thrown, an arrow must be fired, or that a bow isn't a damaging weapon.

3.5.7. A Class 1 or Class 2 weapon cannot also be a Class 4 or 5 weapon.
4.6.1. Arrows, bolts, bows, crossbows, and Class 5 weapons are exempt from flex rules.
4.9.3. Class 3: All Class 3 weapons must conform to the following: The maximum handle length for Class 3 weapons is two-thirds (2/3) of its overall length.

3.5.7 was obviously intended to allow for Javelins to be class 3, but because of the way it's worded, it could be interpreted to allow for a rock, arrow, bow, etc to be classified as class 3 and stab people. Go ahead and try to find a reason why you can't build an arrow with a pommel that is also a class 3 weapon. Other than creative interpretation, I can't find any rules against this.

Presently we try to include (Sometimes unsuccessfully) all of the following "exceptions" under Class 4 rules:

  • Class 4 weapons must be class 4 only. (Except javelins)
  • Class 4 weapons are exempt from flex rules (Except javelins)
  • Class 4 weapon users can't be shield bashed or grappled. (Except javelins)
  • Class 4 weapons can't be thrown (Except javelins)
  • Class 4 weapons can be blocked by melee weapons. (Except bolts/arrows)
  • Class 4 weapons cause damage when they strike you. (Except bows/crossbows)
  • Class 4 weapons can block hits. (Except bolts/arrows, although the rules don't expressly forbid it.) (And bows/crossbows break after blocking)

Re-classifying ranged weapons under separate classes based upon how they are used would allow us to set the rules as they apply to each unique item, rather than awkwardly trying to write rules around the broad scope of "Class 4" and then including various exceptions. These weapons have nothing in common - Arrows/bolts are a fired projectile, javelins are a thrown projectile, rocks are a thrown head-only projectile, and bows/crossbows arguably shouldn't even be classified as a weapon (Unless you think ramming a crossbow into a shield is ok: "3.1.4. Weapon to shield contact is allowed.")

A re-work could clear up a lot of awkward rules here... Opinions?
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