What is and what was of Claus

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What is and what was of Claus

Postby Claus » Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:12 pm

Name: Claus (cl-ow-z)

age: 30

Race: Cimmerian

occupation: Leather Armorer-Cobbler

magic(optional): Stricken, forbidden, feared

weapon/weapons: Double handed Sword, Dual wielding club and short sword, medium sized shield

Looks like:

Described as pale Claus looks of one who spends days in a cave. Hanging dark hair and a scruffled demenour. Usually draped in hydes of animals and the crimson rags of fallen foe he wears around his waist and nothing more. When not gripping the hilt of combat he is seen wandering about drinking from his gargantuan metal stein.

Short back story:
Once an apprentice to a noble Scotsman he learned of his true lineage. Barbaric or no Cimmerians were of his making. It was his servitude that stood in his way he was enraged at the submissive world of noble society. He removed himself from servitude and now resents the noble and civilized world for their hypocritical orders and laws. Nomadic in nature and traveling the realms of man he yearns to discover his skills as a born warrior. Where possible he has not shied from combat. Always willing to learn and anxious to discover he has made pacts and friendships with various fighters. Known by few and scoffed at by many this new comer to the open realm carries with him a stout focus for fighting and a pension for celebration.
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