Belegarth Expo: June 2nd; 5:00pm; Wing Park, Elgin, IL

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Belegarth Expo: June 2nd; 5:00pm; Wing Park, Elgin, IL

Postby Sir Thurat » Fri May 22, 2015 10:04 am

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Fox News is going to cover a BELEGARTH PRACTICE! What does this mean for you?

This is going to air in the Chicagoland area, with the potential for a sonic boom of recruitment for at least 6 different realm, including all 3 Chapters of Morva. If it's well received, it may iar NATIONALLY. Benefiting everyone.

Dunharrow will be hosting a free minievent on June 2nd. The day before Geddon. We're working hard to make accomidations available to anyone who just basically wants to come to Geddon early. I understand that this is not the most convenient time. I (Hey, it's Big Jimmy) will be taking an unpaid day off to make this work. It's that important.

We're going to try to grill for everyone. We've never hosted a weekday minievent before (what a terribad idea) which makes the logistics a little tighter than normal, but we are fully committed to putting the maximum effort we can into this.

We will be shuttling people back and forth to the local Metra station. You want to take the Milwaukee West line to the Elgin Station (Not National St or Big Timber, this may change).

We want to try to get sword fighters out by 5 to start check. We will need as many hands in check as we can get, as we need to get a 2 hour process down to a half an hour.

Belegrim, I can not stress the importance of this event enough. If this goes well, it could go REAL well. If it doesn't, it won't be because we didn't all try.

Parking at the park is limited, however we've made it work for 150 for KGC. If we beat that on a Tuesday I'm going to question what went wrong with KGC. In the event that we actually fill the park street parking is available in the neighborhood south of the park.

Please note that fighting will take place in Wing Park, Elgin IL.

Please come dressed to impress!"
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