Summer Slaughter VII August 13th - 16th

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Summer Slaughter VII August 13th - 16th

Postby Squire Marik » Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:23 pm

The time is drawing near! Florida’s premier annual campout, Summer Slaughter is just a couple months away! This year Florida marches north to the battlegrounds of Eastwind to wage war against the north. This is a rare opportunity for north and south to collide in what is sure to be a great weekend of fighting and frivolity.


- Eastwind Castle - Serenity Farm Drive, Trenton, SC 29847

- Thursday, August 13th - Sunday, August 16th

- Hosted by Imperial Atlantis and friends.


- Summer Slaughter admission is $25 for everyone. This includes fighters and non-combatants alike. Feast on both Friday and Saturday night is included in this price. There is no negotiating the price if you don't want feast.

- Troll Opens at 3:00 pm on Thursday, come no earlier than 3:00 pm. We won't let you in.

- Troll Closes Thursday and Friday at 2:00am. This should give everyone plenty of time to get to the site. Troll closes on Saturday at 4:00pm.

- We will have designated parking areas. You may drive your car to your campsite to unload but must park in the designated areas once finished.

- DAGORHIR RULE-SET HEAVILY ENFORCED. If you are cross gaming, please familiarize yourself with our rules, customs, and weapons. This includes passing garb.

- Dagorhir Battle Games Waivers will be present. All participants must sign a release form before they will be allowed to participate in the event. For those who are under 18, a legal guardian must sign the release form with either a notary or a member of the Dagorhir check-in staff as witness. The minimum age for Dagorhir is 16.

Dagorhir Battle Games Waiver Link:
(Note: Remember there are TWO sides to this waiver!)


Weapons check is mandatory for all weapons on Friday. On Saturday, we will be checking any previously unchecked weapons and rechecking reds and projectiles. When weapons check closes, no more weapons will be accepted. The volunteer staff works hard and will be needed elsewhere.

3:00 pm - Troll Opens
Pick Up Battles & Camp Set Up
2:00 am - Troll Closes

8:00 am - Troll Opens
8:00 am - 10:00 am - Weapons Check
10:00 am - Pick Up Battle Begin
11:00 am - Push the Cart
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:30 pm - Hell Hounds
3:00 pm - Kidnap the Queen
6:30 - Lee & Maria's Vow Renewal & Mini Scenario
7:30 pm - Feast
9:00 pm - Keg Party
2:00 am - Troll Closes

8:00am - Troll Opens
9:00 am - 10:00 am - Weapons Check
10:00 am - Pick Up Battles Begin
11:00 am - Sack the City
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:30pm - Executioner
2:30pm - Osgilliath
4:00 pm - Troll Closes
5:00 pm - Tournaments
7:30 pm - Feast
9:00 pm - End of Highlander Tournament

12:00 pm - Everyone GTFO


Detailed scenario write ups and diagrams will be posted throughout the event site. Please familiarize yourself with the scenarios before or during the event so that we can move quickly from one to another.

Before setting out for Eastwind you must first collect the necessary supplies for the siege. Two teams will face off fighting for three carts full of supplies. Each side will have two rez points opposite of each other, creating two horizontal cart routes, a third cart route will run diagonally across the field. In order to capture a cart, one person from the capturing team must make physical contact with the cart. If this physical contact is removed the cart will stop. Once the cart has made it to one of the two rez points the capturing team gains a point. Once a point has been scored the cart resets to its starting position in the middle of the field. The first team to five points is the winner.

On the road to Eastwind you encounter an enemy faction that blocks your way. Two teams face off, each with four commanders on their side. The goal is to kill the four commanders and send them to Hell, but in order to win, all four of the opposing team’s commanders must be in Hell together. Upon death, you rez in Hell and must fight your way out in order to re-join your faction on the field. This won’t be easy however, since the path out of hell is guarded by the Hounds. Even in death loyalties remain strong and the two factions may choose continue to fight it out, even in Hell.

As your march continues an opportunity presents itself. The Queen of Eastwind and her queen’s guard has taken to the road to visit relatives for the birthday. When her carriage breaks down she finds herself stranded in the middle of a large field. The two teams, each starting at the edge of the field, must fight to control the Queen and her carriage. The goal of the scenario is to hold the Queen behind your defensive line and prevent enemy forces from reaching her. The battle is timed and the team holding the queen at the end is the winner. Rezs for both teams are timed until one side takes possession of the Queen. The side that does not have the Queen enters a fury and acquires tap and go rezzing for as long the Queen is not in their possession.

Once the Queen has been captured the offensive team sacks the city, laying waste to anyone who stands in their path. The offensive team will push defenders back over over a bridge and through the city walls. There, they will fight in the maze of streets, pursuing defenders that attempt to escape. The offensive team will be able to capture checkpoints as they progress through the city, causing their rez point to move up. The defensive team loses the ability to respawn once the final checkpoint has been captured. The game is over when the very last defender is killed. The defensive team’s goal is to hold back the onslaught of attackers for as long as possible. The scenario will be run twice, giving each team the opportunity to both attack and defend. The team that makes the most progress through the checkpoints or effectively annihilates the other team in the shortest amount of time wins.

During the march to Eastwind a scouting party had been captured and are now being held for execution in a nearby outpost. In order to save their brothers, the offensive team must use explosives to destroy key points in the outpost’s defenses and fight their way to the holding facility. Meanwhile, the defensive team must fend off the attackers and do their best to dismantle the explosives. Time is of the essence since the captives are executed one by one as the battle progresses. The offensive team wins if they manage to destroy all of the key objectives and free their brothers. However, if the defensive team holds their outpost long enough to execute all of the captives they receive the victory.

The final attack on the forces of Eastwind. The two teams fight for control of the castle, centered between two bridges. Both of the bridges and the castle count as capture points and at certain time increments fighting will be called to a hold in order to tally these points points. At the end of the scenario time limit the points are totaled to determine the winner and the fate of Eastwind.


There will be no sign up sheets for tournaments. Tournaments will occur at the scheduled time. During this time show up and be ready with your weapons and any other gear you may need. When the tournament you wish to enter is announced we will ask for all participants to stand in a line formation and we will count off pairs to fight. Tournament rounds will be best two out of three. Tournaments will be as follows:

- 1v1
- No Armor
- 1 Single Blue Weapon
- No Quarterstaffs

- 1v1
- No Armor
- 1 Single Blue Weapon
- 1 Shield (any size)

- 1v1
- No Armor
- 1 Single Green Weapon

- 1v1
- No Armor
- 1 Single Red Weapon

- 1v1
- Full Armor Allowed
- Any Weapon Combination
- Projectiles and additional equipment allowed

- 4v4
- Full Armor Allowed
- Any Weapon Combination
- Projectiles and additional equipment allowed

- 1v1
- Must be new to foam fighting (1-6 months)
- No Armor
- Any Weapon Combination
- Projectiles and additional equipment allowed


Anyone who wishes to participate in the highlander tournament can request a special highlander designation tag at troll. This tournament begins the moment you pick up your tag. Any highlander can challenge another highlander to a single blue duel as long as they are not on “holy ground” (the battlefield during scenarios, camps, feast hall during feast, and restrooms). After the duel the winner has five seconds to “decapitate” their opponent (placing a sword at the neck) and shout, “There can only be one!” If this does not occur the opponent regains his or her life and can continue in the tournament. Once killed, a highlander must pass all of his or her highlander tags to the person who defeated them. After each duel all limbs are regenerated.

The person who has collected and returned the most highlander tags by the end of the tournament (9:00pm Saturday) is the winner. The winner will receive a Foametheus blue as a prize.


Friday Night: Baked Potato Bar:
Baked potato
Shredded chicken
Seasoned ground beef
Cheddar cheese
Mozeralla cheese
Cheese sauce
Sour cream
Bacon bits
Chopped chives
Chopped onions
Chopped peppers
BBQ sauce
Iced tea

After feast: 5 gallons Wings of the Wyvern & Keg of beer from Stag Head Brewery

Saturday Night:
Berzerker pulled pork
White fish fillet in a garlic butter sauce
Homemade Macaroni & Cheese
Green beans
Iced tea
Fruit Punch

After feast: 10 gallons of Wings of the Wyvern

***Please bring feast ware. Plastic ware will no longer be provided, only napkins. ***


Our staff will have a Medic and Security team. We expect the best from our fighters, and we will take care of you in times of need. Any illegal activities WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Security will kick you out.

Head Weapons Checker - Mick Arney


To be announced. If you would like to vend contact us!
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