Khador Closer- Zombie Candy Apocolyps

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Khador Closer- Zombie Candy Apocolyps

Postby Geezer » Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:50 am The forces have gathered, a line drawn in the sand,
Everyone had fun, Even Centi, ( she lost a hand ),
The feast has been set, The plans have been made,
You get to kill zombies, ( once you have paid ),
They will come and get you, and rip up your bag,
the zombies that is, Whether Bele, Amp or Dag,
The time is approching, Right after Fest,
We'll kill them all, Then go to our rest,
For this is our closer, Untill next year,
The zombies will fill you with chocolate, and fear.

Up dates:
We are going to open troll and weapons check at 11:00 a.m.
Pick up fights till around 12:00. ( Depends on attendance and arrivals.)
Various fights and games till around 4:00.p.m.
Zombie Candy Apocalypse around 5:00 p.m.
Feast after ZCA.
Zombie Candy Apocalypse Rules.
This is a special type of fight so please read the guidelines.
Single Blue/ or Grapple.
No Flails,Reds,Shields. Missiles to be determined at time of event as weather dictates.
We will tape a bag of candy to your chest before game starts.
Regen rules if you die with an unbroken bag.
If your bag is broken, take the time to gather your goodies,( we will have extra bags and noncoms to help keep track of it), and rejoin the fight as one of the shambling undead.
Zombie can only grapple while trying to break your bag.
( see notes on armor.)
Zombies cannot run.( see below)
Zombies are HARD to kill, therefor to kill one you have to hit ALL limbs THEN double tap the body.
Zombies regenerate limbs.Once a limb is hit count to 5 and get the limb back, unless killed with a double body shot.
If zombie is killed they will go to the re-gen spot for a count of 5 then resume.
Once a zombie has been killed 5 times they are dead for good.
If arrows are in use then it will still take a double shot to the head to kill them.
Armor If you are wearing armor then normal armor grappling rules will apply to you. However when you die with or without a broken bag the the armor is no good and provides no protection for the rest of the game.
This is when a zombie with a blue will be a thing.

Oh yeah, this is a cut throat battle, no teaming up. Last one standing wins.

Date Oct. 23

Cost $5 plus 1 non perishable food item to be donated

Weapons check starts at noon

Feast; Sloppy Joes
Baked beans
Pasta salad
Zombie sugar cookies
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