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Character BIO's

Postby Rat Shattered Fist » Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:09 pm

This thread was last updated as of 6/12/11

This will be a place to add any updated characters or new character stories. Stories only. If you want critiquing or have a suggestion or question to ask. Please PM that person. We only want stories on this thread and nothing more.

Do not post here unless you are filling out a character form. Please refrain from mocking others. As DM's we have the right to mock other DM's so that all may know that we to not take things too seriously

This will give a brief description of your character as it relates to the game.

Any post that is contrary to this is subject to removal. This will keep the board clean.

This takes place in the world of Belegarth, you can have your own story line or you can tie it in with someone else, granted you have permission. Like Belegarth you can choose any race you want, and anything you can think of.

Please use the following format below, for you character story.

Occupation and/or Class:
Important or obvious physical characteristics:

Your Character's Story:
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Horati OTFH » Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:59 pm

Name: Horati of the Frost Hills
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Human/ Frost Giant
Occupation/Class: Adventurer/Barbarian
Weapon/weapons: Norse Shield, Norse Sword, Clubs, Axe
Important or obvious physical characteristics: Tall, Blue Grey Skin, Hair is short on top, bearded

Your Character's Story:
Not much was known about where Horati had come from. All that was known, was that he was from the North. His savage ways hinted to his being a Norseman, but in his eyes he was much older than that. His skin was pale for the most part, but he was by no stretch of the imagination sick or ill; he just always looked pale. Some stories had said that he was descendant of the Frost Giants of the great myths of time. Many believed this tale because of how solidly built Horati was.
The one thing that many did not like about Horati, is that he never quite told them where he was from, just simply stated from The Frost Hills. His attire did look very Nordic, specifically his shield and sword. Both had runes and symbols adorning them to a point that they were on top of each other.
As the story went on, Horati became a strong man of God. Keeping God in his every aspect of his life. Although, he still clung to his beliefs of the Norse Gods, he knew one was more important than the others. Even though he had the connection to the gods, he still had things that he did that were considered bad or evil. He worked to get these feelings and things out of his heart, but he did sometimes fail at this. Regardless of his short comings and failures, he was loved by many and feared for being aloof.

More to add shortly....
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Sir Kelik » Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:26 pm

Name: Kelik Pippin Firebeard
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Highbreed in Human Form
Occupation and/or Class: Gradually Ascending Angel
Magic(opitional): Holy
Weapon/weapons: Sword & Shield, Archer
Important or obvious physical characteristics: Appears as human in every regard, but generally keeps his beard long to honor his Dwarvish adopted clan. The clan was pleased at his red haired nature as it was a proud trait of their clan. He seems to have an aura about him that feels divine.

Your Character's Story: A Highbreed isn't like most angels. They are born into mortality in the physical form of a local race and gradually ascend into their angelic form through holy quests and orders from their deity, often unaware of their divine nature until they are summoned to begin their ascension. For Kelik, this was the case. Born into human form, the infant boy was found by a young dwarf couple of the Firebeard clan. The decision was eventually made to adopt the boy and raise him as one of their own, as a son of the clan. Rorik became the boy's father and raised him with the honor and integrity of a dwarf, training him in all aspects of combat and education. He grew to adulthood by human standards, but would not be viewed as an adult in the dwarf society according to age for many years.

In the deepest mines of the Five Kings Mountains, separated from his group patrolling the caves, his destiny began to unfold. Searching for his party, the presence of a dark creature lurking in the darkness caught in his senses. Drawing his blade, he readied to charge. Turning the corner his charge was halted by the shock of standing face to face with a Nabasu. A demon! Demons had not been seen in these caves for centuries. Why was one here now? It didn't matter. Kelik knew his only option was to put down the spawn before it could cause harm to his clan. Dashing forward, sword raised, he ran toward the Nabasu, who merely reach out his arm and grasped Kelik by the throat. Cackling, the demon spoke in an abyssal toungue, yet it registered plainly in Kelik's mind, "A mere human can not hope to defeat the demons. Your death will serve for nothing but my amusement." A sharp pain coursed through Kelik as a dagger slid through his ribs and his body was dropped to the floor.

To be continued. (I ran out of writing time today. Lol)
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Versago Hayashida » Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:36 pm

Name: Versago Hayashida
Sex: male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Occupation and/or Class: Ronin Samurai
Weapon/weapons: Dual Katana's
Important or obvious physical characteristics: He has a lot of scars from training and past fights.

Your Character's Story: will add later
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Godfrey the Redshirt » Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:07 am

Name: Godfrey the Redshirt
Sex: male
Age: 19
Race: Human
Occupation and/or Class: Nobleman
Weapon/weapons: Red sword with Anglo-Saxon runes engraved on it
Important or obvious physical characteristics: wears a blue tunic despite the fact that his name is "the Redshirt". This is due to the fact that he is colorblind

Your Character's Story: Will add later
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Dante of Shadowdale » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:55 am

Name: Dante Darkblade
Sex: male
Age: 123
Race: Drow
Occupation and/or Class: Assassin
Magic(opitional): Magic is for pussies like those damed dro-.... wait a-- :finger:
Weapon/weapons: two longswords of varying length and design pending day of the month
Important or obvious physical characteristics: grey dusky skin from having used to be a dark elf.

Your Character's Story: a former drow beggar from a great city underground (not menzoberranzan) eventually found his way to the surface and found his niche in the society as an assassin. soon joined shannara only to leave three years later to train under hendell stoneshield.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Geshtal » Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:59 pm

Name: Geshtal Kepesk Togikar
Age: 46
Race:Noble Draconian/Lightning
Occupation: Weapon smith/ Paladin
Magic: Lightning
Weapons: Mace and shield, Glaive or two-handed * Sword

Looks like: Young male with blue hair and red eyes, two 2 inch red horns protruding from boths sides of forehead. Has red spines running down his back into a 4 foot long tail ending with a spike, Wings are blue with yellow tinted webs and red claws at the tips of the wings.

Short backstory: Was born.. no hatched in the mountains of the cold barbarian north in the lands of the Keldon Warlords. He found his way south into lands besieged by war as a new kingdom was born. The kingdom of Ebonhold where he met his life long friend a wild elf by the name of Ghazi Dawnstrider, They both then joined and where members of the Ebonholds queens guard.
They where then sent on a diplomatic mission back to the lands of the northern barbarians. There they met and where befreinded by a half dwarf half giant by the name of Bleddyn StoneAxe known as Colossus and the Keldon War Mistress Shirl Ravenlocke a former queen of the lands of Shanarra

Geshtal was then chased from Keld for being the offspring of a dragon that had terrorized the land for many years, he then returned to Ebonhold to find the kingdom in shambles. There he helped Morholt of the Reapers and Leaf Autumsonge rebuild the dying kingdom and he and his wife Viridiana Bloodraven started their own unit to defend the kingdom and all others in need of aid.

Soon after he and his mate were betrayed by the very comrades they had promised to serve and they left Ebonhold in search of a place where they could belong. They soon found themselves in Korayn in the presence of a Bugbear named Paksha and a pair human ninja by the names of Jeean and Sano and there they remain.

In the recent years Geshtal, Sano and Bleddyn have come together to form an aliance to unite, once and for all, the highlands of chaos
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Jerial » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:09 pm

Name: Jerial
Race:Proto-Elf (Created by the Titans, the only of this race)
Occupation and/or Class:Archmage
Magic(opitional):Most powerful archmage of his dimension, the first elf, contains many souls (Some call him Malkyralas, which means Flame of Many Tongues); capable of wapring spacetime, dimensional travel, control of souls, among thousands of other arcane techniques
Weapon/weapons:Enchanted staff, short sword
Important or obvious physical characteristics:Long Silver hair, pointed ears, roughly 6'10, roughly 150 lb, pearlescent eyes

Your Character's Story:Sensing a disturbance in the timeline of realities, Jerial has traveled from another dimension, where he is an immortal peer of the gods, to this reality, where he is only a mortal, He, however, has retained his immense knowledge and noble fighting skill. He is not completely motivated by good. His desires are mostly his own; he has come to this realm as a part of three such warriors seeking glory in this mortal realm. The other two fighters are his 'brothers', not by blood but by their souls being intertwined. The other two fighters have not yet arrived, but Jerial has come here to do battle, to conquer another dimension, to put another realm under his fist...

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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Buliwyf » Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:16 am

Name: Wolfhound
Sex: Male
Age: mid 20's
Race: North men
Occupation and/or Class: Adventurer/Viking
Magic(opitional): (please)
Weapon/weapons: Short Spear, Sword, Mace
Important or obvious physical characteristics: clean, well kept. Holds himself to a high standard to show he is ready to lead. Until battle he shows no emotion what so ever. He changes his look as often as the seasons chang.

Your Character's Story: Wolfhound, coming from the land of the north men. He follows where the winds take him and his crew. He also has the all father Odin looking over him, throwing every foe that the all father can in Wolfhouns way to prepare him for glory and honor in joining the all father in the halls of Valhalla. Wolfhound pray's to the mighty thor to delay that moment so that he can prove his worth to the fellow warriors in this land. Wolfhound trains day in day out waiting for that one warrior to claim his life so that he may leave this land in a glorious manner. Before Wolfhound drifts into his slumber awaiting the next day he chants a prayer to his fellow kin.

Lo there do I see my father.
Lo there do I see my mother.
Lo there do I see my brothers and my sisters.
Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo they do call to me;
they bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla,
where the brave may live forever.
Lo there do I see my father.
Lo there do I see my mother.
Lo there do I see my brothers and my sisters.
Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo they do call to me;
they bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla,
where the brave may live forever."
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby SirBoss » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:12 pm

Name: Ronan The Barbarian
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Race: Human
Occupation and/or Class: Thief
Magic(opitional): none
Weapon/weapons: Shortsword(backup), Broadsword, Shield.
Important or obvious physical characteristics: Small.

Your Character's Story: Parents killed young, now turns to theivery to live.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby GeminiSkullborn » Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:37 am

Name: Gemini Skullborn
age: Born on the 6th moon of the 6th Equinox: 1666
Race: Human until Full Moon Rises.. Undead Werewolf until it sets.
occupation: Drifter
magic(opitional): Necromancy
weapon/weapons:Sword and Shield/ War hammer
Looks like: Noone knows, Identity remains secret
short backstory: Fathered by a 7th generation Werewolf known as Severen Moonborn and Mothered by an Undead Babylonian Queen known as Krylin Skulldust, Gemini was casted into the dreadful winter elements at birth. Taken in and raised by mountain trolls Gemini worked his entire childhood in the Ore Mines of Pyke until at adolescence discovered his birth-given power.
At the rising of the full moon Gemini turns into a horrible beast dreamt only in the worst of nightmares, a beast so frightening the sheer silhouette will send the bravest of soldiers running for their homes, an Undead Werewolf. The coming of the first full moon proved troublesome for the Troll king and his Workers, as they were all brutally massacred, limbs severed, throats ripped from their necks and most of the "juicy" parts were savored by Gemini as he sits quietly in the darkness enjoying the tranquility of the kill.
Upon awakening his final Bay at the moon is his only memory from the previous night. His astonishment is soon after filled with fear of this uncontrollable curse upon his soul. From that point forward Gemini vowed his life to finding the Coward Dog of a father and Undead * mother who so easily cast him aside in their selfish trial of bloodlust.
Upon his journey his fate was not yet sealed as he met a lovely young Castle maiden by the name of Sunrise. His love was not alone as it was paired with the suppression of his curse, but their love could not be stopped. Together they Raise two young boys in the foothills of Babylon. However the joy is not everlasting, as the full moon rises Sunrise and the Children must Barricade themselves in the basement until the dawn of a new day. Every new morning Sunrise searches for Gemini and brings him home, tends his wounds and ales his afflictions, kisses him gently and waits for him to awaken. They now live out their lives in a small cabin in the foothills until Gemini's Battles uncover the clues he needs to complete his journey and fulfill his destiny.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Turjak » Sat Mar 10, 2012 8:05 am

Age: 21
Race Human
Occupation: Hospitaller
Physical traits: short hair and the cross of the Hospitaller worn proudly were ever i go...
Background: As a knight of the Crusades I've found my abilities best suited for defending the weak and wounded. Joining the Hospitallers he served for 5 years in Jerusalem Defendiing only the hospital in a small battle group of 20, agianst many army invasiions agianst the Holy Capital after returning to Find the Turks have Taken the City but left the Weak to heal. I have wandered for a year or so before i met up with my brothers in arms. Other Crusaders lost or forgotten of thier cause i have vowed to follow and guide them to re-find all of our true tasks given to us by the Lord. Until i know what it is i will follow these Lost Crusaders into combat were ever we may be.
(I'm actually a real Hospitaller...They are still around...Go ahead and google it ;) )
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby taalysin » Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:43 pm

Name: Taalysin
Sex: F
Age: 4224
Race: Chaos Demon
Occupation and/or Class: Servant of the Abyss
Magic(opitional): many innate magical abilities, most based around fire and charm magics
Weapon/weapons: Generally a hand to hand combatant but dabbles in archery, sword play, and other weapons.
Important or obvious physical characteristics: Being a Chaos Demon, the details of her appearance are constantly changing. Making it hard to her recognize. However she is always the same general size and shape and always female.

Your Character's Story: Originally created by a demon high lord to be the perfect slave. Given innate magic abilities, an extensive knowledge of arcane, and trained to kill or pleasure. Her creator cursed her with immortality, figuring whats the fun of a slave you torture once and they died, tho it was many centuries before Taalysin realized what a curse immortality was. After a century of servitude, Taalysin began to surpass her Master in both skill and knowledge. Tired of torture, she turned on him, ripping him apart piece by piece with her bare hands. With the death of her master, she took on his mantle, gaining control of his sector of the Abyss. This is when she found the Black Scrolls of Ahm.
In the biginning, there was light... but before that, choas raged. The Abyss is the darkling chaos from which all things come. This Genises has nothing to do with good or evil, just pure churning chaos, in its simpliest form. Who could have believed that the origin of life - of earth, tree and stream - spawns from such turmoil? Yet, it is true. It is only though the imposition of order that the Gods create, and they must work the stuff of chaos to build their thrones above man's domian. They create law and force order, twisting what was once pure into something...e;se. Something more suited to their survival and their dominance over others. As such, they are not ultimately responsible for creation, but only for helping the essence of life take shape. Therefore, is it any wonder that demons hate and envy the divine? The gods corrupt the pure chaos of the fiends spawning grounds and leave them thrashing around in what is left. These dieties the ascend to higher planes, often taking credit for the creation of the universe, or individual planes, or mankind, or any matter of wonders over which they had little influence. The chaos and evil of the Abyss is all the fiends have left, which is why the demonic now wage war against the divine.
-a passage for the Black Scrolls of Ahm.
Soon there after Taalysin embraced the Abyss as her true mother, and It embraced her in return. Now Taalysin wanders from plane to plane, collecting souls and claiming lands for the glory of the Abyss. Being a demon, most assume her to be evil, but the truth is shes chaotic. To consider her Good, Neutral, or Evil, would be unfitting. She doe not seek the destruction or end of all things, only to give credit and control of all things back to the the mother of all creation.
A few years ago she found her way to the realm of Shannara, a land free from all demonic influence. She warked her way into gaining land, then opened her own portal directly to her home in the Abyss. She now summons reinforcements and wanders the lands of this domain looking for souls to collect.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Moriel » Mon Apr 23, 2012 2:06 am

Name: Moriel Kes
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human
Occupation and/or Class: Scribe
Weapon/weapons: Two short swords, and a dagger in his belt.
Important or obvious physical characteristics:

Your Character's Story:
Moriel was born and raised in the Kadarads, the capital city of the lizard-folk nation of Salthan, located far over the western seas. Though his appearance is human, much of the customs he livbed by for most of his life are that of the desert nation.

Moriel knew he was different from most in the country, and though he did face some prejudice in being different, in most cases he was welcomed, and treated as being the same, and so his being human made little difference.

As with any child, Moriel made friends with the other children in his neighborhood. He befriended when he was about eight years old Hetasa, a jocular, prankish guy who never took life very seriously even when he grew up. He also had another friend Gikali, smart, level-headed and was like a sister to him.

Moriel’s father was a writer and scholar, and so Moriel was surrounded by a love of books and learning. Moriel would often visit the central library in the city, and spend whole hours reading. He would be often seen reading while walking, absorbed in his book (and sometimes would bump into things as a result). When he got old enough to enter a trade, he became an apprentice as a scribe.

A little over a year ago, just after the winter-feast, he received a strange ominous letter saying he should hurry to Hetasa's apartments. Moriel assumed it was one of Hetasa's pranks, but was horrified to find Hetasa and Gikali lying in Hetasa's bed, stabbed to death. He had never even seen an indication that Hetasa and Gikali had any feelings for each other.

His first impulse was to of course report to the city guard, but he was arrested on suspicion of their murder. They thought he was in love with Gikali, and finding them together murdered them. He managed to escape, and fled over the seas to the land of Talnior, where the law could not reach him. But he found that he wasn't completely safe, even as far as over the sea when a Salthan bounty hunter named Sallaikea tracked him in Talinor and nearly killed him. Luckily he was saved by a member of a guild of mercenaries, who Moriel quickly befriended and taught him how to fight. Moriel suspects it wasn't the government who sent Sallaikea, but some other group or person, but why they want Moriel dead is unclear, as is the puzzle of the murders of Moriel's friends. Moriel still wishes to find out what happened and clear his name.

Moriel still occasionally writes letters and has them smuggled through to his parents and other friends who are sympathetic in Saltha.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby The Gravedigger » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:15 am

name: The Gravedigger
Sex: male
Age: 16
Race: human
Occupation and/or Class: contract killer
Weapon/weapons: anything i can get my hands on, usually a spear.
Important or obvious physical characteristics: 6'0 ft. 200 lbs

Your Character's Story:
The Gravedigger grew up working on his families farm, he calls himself the gravedigger because he was always the one to bury the body when animals would die. he found it extremely funny to call himself that. after a trip to town at age 14 he returned home to find his parents and two younger sisters and prized hunting dog slaughtered and his house ransacked by a group of bandits, his younger 5 year old brother was nowhere to be found. he took anything of of value left in his house and sold it. he then pursued the group of bandits, in a couple of weeks he had found the group of bandits there were 6 in the group camped outside of a town. he knew he didn't have the skills to kill them all in a fair fight. he decided to go to the town where he found a tavern girl, he payed her what was left of his money to go to the bandits with drinks and to follow their wishes. later that night when the bandits were drunk and asleep,he and the tavern girl tied up the bandits, he then sent the tavern girl back, then woke up the leader by kicking him as hard in the crotch as he could. he then kept on kicking him there until the man was reduced to a sniveling wreck, at which point the Gravedigger set fire to him.
his screams had already woken up the other bandits, who were scared out of their minds, and couldn't help but notice how they were tied with their legs stretched out, so they couldn't protect themselves from the gravedigger. after the lead bandit had died the gravedigger turned to the bandits and proceeded to interrogate them as to the whereabouts of his little brother, and as to the whereabouts of their loot he told them that if they cooperated he would let them live. when he knew everything he wanted to from the bandits he killed all but one of them, which he found out from the other bandits always raped his female victims while making the spouse watch. he informed the bandit that he had raped his mother and made his father watch. the bandit was crying like a little girl by now, The Gravedigger proceeded to scream and threaten the bandit for a very long time, by the end of which the bandit concluded that the boy was quite insane. The Gravedigger decided on a course of action. "scum like you don't deserve to die" he told the bandit. The Gravedigger cut off the bandits * (so he wouldn't rape anymore women) cut off all of his fingers and toes, his eyes were burned out and the eyelids cut off, the nose and tongue also removed, but the ears he left so the bandit could hear peoples revulsion at his appearance. the boy made sure that the bandits wound were cleaned and then left him with a traveling freak show.
The Gravedigger then went to go and find his younger brother but by the time he found him it was too late, his brother had been sold to a rich man well known to enjoy the company of little children, boys especially. the younger brother was mentally ruined for most likely the rest of his life and The Gravedigger was very angry, he payed a visit to the pervert and convinced him to return his brother for a very high price. The Gravedigger took his brother to relatives to live with and left them with all the money he took from the bandits. he then left, when the relatives asked why he said he had unfinished business. a week later the rich mans arms and legs were found in his house along with his entrails. all of the mans saving mysteriously disappeared, along with his torso and head. nobody really knows where the gravedigger is until after he has struck. and bandits and rich men who take advantage of children are periodically killed in the most brutal ways possible. everyone who has talked with The Gravedigger can agree on one thing, that he is completely insane.
The Gravedigger
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby ysilimir » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:42 pm

Name: Ysilimir
Sex: Male
Weapons: Dual-Wielded Broadswords, Sword & Shield, Quarterstaff

Important or obvious physical characteristics: 5'7" 150 Lbs. Short, Spiked hair, Striking blue eyes.

Your Character's Story:
The First thing that Ysilimir held when he was born was a sword. He was trained in the morning by his Father, the Chief of small Town of OakView. In the Afternoon he was trained by the Village's Monk. At the Age of 10, the village was destroyed. Now, 6 years later, he is a wandering Mercenary. Cold-Hearted, and shows no mercy. He is Searching for the men that killed his village, plotting his revenge.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Black Cat » Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:15 am

Fighting Name: Black Cat
Character Name: Kohaku 琥珀 (Japanese unisex name for amber)
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Race: Fork-tailed Bakeneko (catboy type)

Occupations (fighting): Shadow Warrior (ranger/ninja hybrid) / Necromancer
Occupations (crafting): Alchemist / Bowyer/Fletcher

Magic: Necromancy / Evocation / Illusion

Alchemy: Brews potions, makes bombs, and creates oils to temporarily enchant weapons with various damage effects. Very similar to The Witcher.
Other abilities: Darkvision (feline-type; functions as half-strength ultravision in magical darkness); Cat-like athletic ability; Innate Magic-user (see above)

Main Weapons: Archery, Polearm, Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Axe, One-handed Broadsword, Kanabo, Chinese Straightsword (sidearm), Long Dagger / Usually equips a buckler, but may sometimes use a round shield.

other weapons may also be carried and used

Important or obvious physical characteristics: 5' 11.5" 150 Lbs. Small, but fairly tall. Looks like a typical large-eared catboy with a forked tail. Wears a black or midnight blue kimono/haori and matching hakama and a dark blue or dark violet Obi (sash). Armor, when worn, looks similar to samurai armor, but is dark-colored and features a non-traditional war skirt. The hakama is usually untied and left to flow normally, even while wearing armor. Though designed to flow free, the hakama can still be tied down when climbing, traveling across tricky terrain, or while performing infiltration maneuvers.

Your Character's Story:

*will be added later*
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Phishstrangler75 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:55 pm

Name: Philip De Marienkirk
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Occupation and/or Class: Sailor, Adventurer, Mercenary
Magic(optional): No
Weapon/weapons: Traditional chinese weapons, prefers spears and pole weapons
Important or obvious physical characteristics: Tall European in Ming Dynasty clothing

Your Character's Story:

The son of the union of a poor English knight and the daughter of a Burgundian nobleman, his father came across the Channel with the Bishop of Norwich in 1382 in the Norwich Crusade to support the ascension of Pope Urban VI. During the campaign, his father fell in love with the daughter of a Burgundian nobleman who had died in the Battle of Dunkirk. He subsequently married her and stayed in Flanders after the truce, selling his estate in England and moving onto the estate of his new bride. His wife gave birth to three children, two sons and a daughter. Her first son died of illness when he was 4 years old. She died during the birth of her second son, Philip.

As a young man, Philip cared little for the career of his father or the estates that were his inheritance. Instead, his fulfillment came from scholarly pursuits, with his favorite subjects of study the theories of music, commerce, linguistics, and the art of war. When he was 17, he traveled to Paris to study music at Notre Dame. Although praised by his teachers for his studiousness, he never became a composer of any notoriety. Instead, at 20 years of age, he moved to Bruges to become the apprentice of a trader. After going on several voyages to the Mediterranean, he traveled to China, where he was amazed by the advanced civilization of the East. He began to study Chinese history, literature, and religion and eventually renounced Christianity for the tenets of Taoism. He also adopted Chinese clothing, and began studying Chinese weaponry and tactics. On his return to Europe, he again changed his career and became a soldier of fortune, fighting in the followings of various French and English nobleman during the Hundred Years War, eventually collecting enough money to hire a small company of soldiers to fight under him.

Flamboyant and high-spirited, he annoys some with his boasting about his travels and the superiority of the East. Although generous and caring to his men, he has a hidden penchant for evil and cruelty and will sometimes sacrifice morality for personal gain. He has a general distrust of all people in power and is willing to blackmail his employers to ensure payment for his services.
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Derp » Mon May 20, 2013 7:52 pm

Name: Silent Shadow (Nickname)
Sex: Male
Age: 11
Race: Human
Occupation and/or Class: Rouge
Magic(opitional): None
Weapon/weapons: Dual Iron Short Broadswords
Important or obvious physical characteristics: Sneaky and fast.

Your Character's Story: There has once been a very famous paladin named Hemlock the Great. He fought many battles and soon died of age. He died at age 312. Although he died, they let him be reborn as a new person forgetting all his memories. A fresh new life. When he was reborn he didn't know anything except how to speak and use a sword. (And many everyday used things) He was instantly 11 years old. A young man he was with a black cloak where no one could see his face. He stole two broadswords so he could defend himself and learned to dual wield weapons while practicing on dummies when training for knights wasn't going on. He is now leaving the town to go on a journey. (Story goes on from here.)
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Re: Character BIO's

Postby Scormxon » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:13 am

Name:Scormxon Omega Prime
Age:Infinite 31
Race:Saiyan God,Chaos Dragon, Unknown God
Occupation and/or Class: Man at arms, black smith
Magic(opitional):freeze time 13 minutes, and can perform chaos breath weapon, along with dragon slayer magic
Weapon/weapons:hellfire energy sword and hellfire flame sword, his hammer named Thor and axe named Trail Blazer and has 2 shield name Maximo And Odin
Important or obvious physical characteristics: just wok up from infinite hibernation wit the lose of all memories and most of his power stolen by an evil titan named kronos he cannot do anything his race is able of doing he just is very old but has a young body and can die any way a human can his strength is that of a human but grows rapidly his defiance is that of a dragon and grows at a normal pace

Your Character's Story: was born in the year 1987 and lived to repeat that birth year 30 time and on the 31 woke up sometime during the rain of Zeus and unknown to the gods of the that time then went back to sleep to wake unknown years later. his mother was a dragon with the name Gaia but not the titan gaia and his father was a saiyan god prince Vigetta after he became a god and his wife Bolma was reincarnated as the dragon Gaia not much is know about him and how he came to be until he defeats the Titan Kronos
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